Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Our Journey Part 15

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I did the extra shots of the hormone, and only was a little crazy this month. PROGRESS! We went in 3 days later to have another ultrasound.

My doctor was on ultrasound duty that day, so I got to see him. Its funny, because typically you have one ovary that "brings their A game" and that was my left ovary this month. I had 4 follicles on that ovary--one measuring at 18, another at 12, and 2 just over a 10. My right ovary had 2 measuring about a 10.

YOU GUYS. that's 6 follicles. that's 3 more than last month!

He decided that I was good enough to trigger and then do our IUI.

We are hoping that after 5 months of fertility and 4 IUI's (including this one) that this will be it!!! We are happy and excited! While at the same time, preparing ourselves for bad news. Its an interesting conundrum we've got going on emotionally.

I triggered the next day and we set up our appointments for 2 days after that for our IUI. Jace had his appointment at 8:30 (he said it totally through off his whole day...) and mine was at 10:30 (i was working that day...i'm lucky with how nice my boss was being that he let me be as late as i needed.)

My doctor was in surgery, so this is the first IUI that he hasn't done personally. His nurse practitioner did it, and as I was leaving the nurses were saying that "this is going to be it! we can feel it because of your aura!" um...okay?

I left, went to work, and Jace called wanting to go see Iron Man 3. I didn't feel great, but i'm glad we went. (We also ran into Josh and Jamie and saved them seats to sit by us!) On our way home we stopped at Panda (mmmm so bad for you, and yet so good) and our fortune cookies that night were beyond awesome!!! We are hoping that they'll be real and we are trying to keep our spirits up!!

Now for 2 weeks of waiting!

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