Monday, March 25, 2013

Our Journey Part 7

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I went in for the ultrasound...and my follicles were developing a little they made me do more hormone shots.

You guys...these hormone shots are the literal worst. Gearing up, mentally, to shoot yourself in your stomach is bad enough, but it was the resulting crazy woman hormones that pushed me  over the edge.

I suddenly hated everybody and everything. Everything annoyed me. I knew in my head that i was over-reacting, but i couldnt stop being mad. One day I was driving and Jace turned on the radio. I yelled, "do NOT turn on the radio. i'm sick of it! i'm sick of every station, every artist, every genre of music!" and then he went to put on a cd (that hes had on repeat for 2 months) and i yelled again, "are you KIDDING me?!? just turn everything off!"

....looking back on it now, i see that i was maybe was being a bit extreme. just a BIT.

Anyways...after 3 more days of hormone shots we were to go back in for another ultrasound.

This time they found a follicle big enough to trigger.

We were actually quite disappointed....only ONE?! with everything i had been doing we were hoping for at LEAST 3. The doctor was hoping for at least 3. They had said what they were hoping for was anywhere from 3-7. And we only had ONE. gah!

Well...that was on a Thursday. They had me scheduled to trigger ovulation (another shot) at 2 AM on Sunday. Then that Monday we were scheduled to go in for the IUI.

Jace went. I went. The Dr. did his thing...and now we wait.


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  1. Take your seen in the care and replace it with just a reaction from birth control. Talk about PSYCHO! I am so grateful Buck put up with that, I wouldn't have (well maybe but IDK)


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