Friday, January 14, 2011


DEBT. that is SUCH an ugly word. blah.
I came into our marriage with some debt from school.
Jace came into our marriage with some credit card debt AND the not so little debt made by the purchase of my beautiful wedding ring.

We have heard the counsel from the prophet and from our parents and older siblings about hurrying to get out of debt as soon as we could. We know that they are wise and the counsel is invaluable.

Especially as we have been jobless for awhile now...paying down debt has been harder...luckily we also heeded the counsel to have a savings account. While it wasnt much, it pretty much has saved our lives. and we have been able to continue paying down our debt.

As we have been married, we have slowly payed off one of jace's credit cards, maintaining mine, and slowly but surely paying off my ring.
Every time i look at her i wonder if she was worth it. and then i sigh and play with it in the light and remember, yeah. she was.

Jace picked it out himself. He knew just what i would like. Nothing flashy, fairly simple, pretty. And he nailed it. Its beautiful.

Well folks. Today is the day that my ring is FREE AND CLEAR of all costs. I just payed the last bill. It was more than we normally pay a month, but we were so close...i bit the bullet this morning.

Goodbye Jared bill. I will not miss you!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


There are a few things that i'm excited about ya'll!

#1. Jace got a job at Famers Insurance...he starts classes next week. Its gonna be a rough start for sure, but its a job and he's excited! SO. on that note...

anyone need auto, health, or life insurance? :)

#2. I am going to get certified in eyelash extensions! I had never heard of it before cosmetology school, but its really popular right now and I think that would benefit my hair business!

#3. I finally came up with the name for my hair business (and soon to be eyelash business) and i think its the SOME.

#4. I am going to start selling name boards like this one (i've made about 6 others...the pictures just wont upload at the moment) :

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A new year=trying to be a better me.

I've never been one for "new years resolutions". I think they are kind of hokey. I mean, how many people ACTUALLY do all of the things on their lists. I think we get over-zealous and make a list of unrealistic goals.

Last new years, i was freshly married. With lots of good intentions and ideas for our life together. I sat down with J to make new years resolutions. yes, yes i became a resie. (thats what i call them)
Honestly, i had down 5 things.
Get down to a certain weight (fail...epically), change my name (accomplished!), get mine and jace's passports (accomplished!), go to school every day unless its an emergency (MAJOR FAIL), and keep my journal consistant--write at least 2 times a week (i failed at that goal but i did MUCH better on my journal writing than i have up to this point)

jace had one goal and didnt do it.

as a couple we had 3 goals.
communicate effectively--its an ongoing goal.
go to the temple 2 times a month. as sad as this is, we failed.
and spending out money more wisely...we ended up pretty even on this one.

work out 3 times a week.
eat healthier
do 1 big craft
read the book of mormon by myself
get a job
get certified in eyelash extentions

i wont put jaces on here.

our couple ones are a tab more realistic than last year i think:
go to the temple ONCE a month
read the BOM together everyday
have morning and nightly prayer
take a trip to the cabin together
start a baby fund