Friday, December 31, 2010

How to ruin a perfectly good day


an outing with your husband

cold weather so you wear a jacket

the stores being HOT because of said cold factor

unzipping your jacket

running into an old high school friend

her hugging you, looking down at your stomach, and squealing with delight that you are pregnant.


thats right andrea. you are THAT fat.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dag nab it.

So i had a whole video to show you--what i spent my shoe money on.
but the video will. not. up. load.
dag. nab. it.
i will get it to work. eventually.
**side note**

went to the OBGYN condition is worse. I now have cysts covering both ovaries. Which means that I'm not ovulating, which means i cant get pregnant. So he prescribed me medication to get me to ovulate...we'll see what happens! Trying to stay positive and not lose hope.

Monday, December 27, 2010

A picture-less Christmas

Jace and I are blessed to have family so close to us. I'm pretty sure we would die without them for very long (or you know be super sad and lonely)...our families are our best friends. The holidays are especially happy for Jace when his sister Jen and her hubs Ken come into town. Now, this makes things a little complicated. You see, the Wights and the Hunts have the same kind of traditions (and generally at the same time!) yikes. And neither of us is willing to say "we'll do off years. your family one year and yours the next..."--when both sets of families are 5 minutes away from each other! So we try to split things as best as we can. We end up going back and forth alot. Last year I think i stressed myself sick.

For Christmas Eve and Day last year I brought my camera along. It was my very first one with Jace's family and as a married person. But i got so super sick that i didnt use it. not ONCE. others took my camera and captured some moments...but i remember wishing i had more documentation. I vowed to do better the next Christmas.

and i'm true to my word. to others. apparently... to myself... not so much.

i COMPLETELY FORGOT my camera. altogether. as in---no documentation whatsoever! gah! blast!
and this year i didnt get sick! that in and of itself was a Christmas miracle.

This year was fun. We got up Christmas eve morning to have a "surprise" breakfast with Melanie! (my new SIL's bday is the 24th) and we gave her a peaches n cream barbie!...Jace then left to go to work at UPS....i went to the hunts to make breakfast for them (my fabulous french toast and bacon. mmm)
after that i went to my moms and helped bake cookies and make fudge. By 4 i was back over to the hunts to help with dinner and start the "crepe paper ball" tradition! (its a long story that i'll explain later). Dinner was pretty cool---we had a fondu-esk dinner. We had to leave early so we could make it to the Wights at 730. However, I did play my violin for the Hunts before we left (not alot...and probably not well. but they have never heard me play).
We went to my parents and had a nice program--music and stories and laughter. What more could you ask for?

We got up and were at the Hunts at 7. early. yikes. and there was quite the hawl for the little kids. geez, i dont know if i've seen that many toys in a toy store! Grandma and Grandpa Hunt and cousin Logan were here with them this year and that was fun.

Then we jetted to breakfast at my uncles, and then hung out at my moms waiting to open presents. WE MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE WATCHED "HE-MAN SHE-RA CHRISTMAS" that we found on VHS. and by that...i mean we totally did! it rocked.

Mine and Jaces present to each other was our new TV. We got it when we moved into our new apartment months ago. Our other TV would have taken up the ENTIRE living area, so we figured that we needed a new skinnier tv. and its beautiful.

Jace and I were blessed with "loot" as well. A fan from his parents for our living room (yay!), a cool t-shirt/purse from jeff and mindy that get us free popcorn (and a cup for a free drink) all year at harkens, a date night out to applebees from josh and jamie, the train game (ticket to ride), and home movies/pictures put on DVD from Jen and Ken. Oh-- and Jace got the new Halo game from his cousin so that he could play online with them.
My parents gave us a Wii! and Donkey Kong Country (i wanted so bad), an exercise ball, mickey's christmas carol on dvd, some kitchen stuff that was badly needed, a sweatshirt and work out pants for me, a new church shirt and socks and sleeping bag for jace, salt and pepper shakers from my dad, joe gave us itunes money!, jeff and melanie were awesome and gave us monopoly (in the cool vintage box) and UP! on DVD.
We also got "shoe-money" for some new shoes...and i kind of used mine on a surprise that i'll take pictures of for the next post. sorry mom!

We were also blessed with starting out 72 hour kits for each other. My mom gave me my pack a few years ago. Jace got one for his bday...and we havent done anything to it. So my mom started us out by getting jace his sleeping bag (i have one) and then getting us alot of H2O that we are supposed to have.

We are so blessed to be part of these families. We are so blessed to be a part of the gospel of Jesus Christ and be members of His church. We are blessed to have each other.
and even though this was a picture-less doesnt matter. It was awesome and thats all the documentation that i need.

Saturday, December 25, 2010



Friday, December 24, 2010

Oh boy

Um yeah.

this is a text i just got, from a number i dont know.

"Yo max, could i pick up a gram from you?"

Yeah, sorry buddy. No Max here. Just Andrea, who is laughing her booty off because you asked her for weed. SO the wrong person to ask there. Merry Christmas pothead!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

Monday, December 20, 2010

On drugs much?

My brain is seriously on crack or something. My dream last night was beyond weird. Normally I have an idea of where something came from in my dream, from a movie or something said the day before…but this dream…I can NOT think of ANYTHING that would have spurred this dream on.

I don’t remember how we got there…but we were (my husband and I) in a dorm room and we were sharing it with my almost 16 little brother Joe and…Riley from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Riley was all busted up—broken leg and arm and scratches on his face…and Joe was on the phone trying to get Megan Fox to be his girlfriend!

I Love Riley from Buffy (although I’ve never dreamed about him before), but I seriously dislike Megan Fox. She’s beautiful for sure, but she can’t act at all. I’m pretty sure where I got the whole brother trying to date her…someone asked him to Sadies last night. {question not related to my dream…why would a girl ask a guy to a dance 4 months early?? That’s just weird.}

So. My dream jumps to me beating Lady GaGa up… (I mean, I can see where that came in—her songs are super catchy but I can not stand her!) but the reason I was beating her up was because she stole all of her songs from Justin Beiber! And let me just tell you this…I despise the Beibs. I do. I’m sure the kid is okay, but his songs? The fact that he has a memoire? AND a box office movie about his life called NEVER SAY NEVER? AND his clothes/hair/shoes?? Drives me freaking batty. No joke. So why I was defending him….i have no clue.

Now my dream jumps again to me being all cool and telling the news that GAGA is a liar and retarded; and then she is trying to kill me for ruining her life…me running away and finding Hulk Hogan (in his wrestling outfit from my N64 wrestling game) there to protect me.

And then my phone rang and woke me up from my crazier than all crazy dreams.

I need to be analyzed.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Inception and me...

So I just watched Inception for the first time with my wonderful hubby. Now, a bit of background on me for you. I love what i call "disney movie" endings. I love the all happy endings where everybody is kissing and everything is blissful. I also love movies that I can just put on and not have to think about their meaning or whats behind them.

Lets face it. Sometimes by the end of the day i'm ready to turn my brain off for awhile. Anyone agree with me??

Well, J LOVED inception and asked me to buy it for him. So, being the awesome wife that i am, i did it. and watched it. and made J explain parts of it to me, because i was in the "wanting-to-turn-brain-off-and-not-being-able-to" mode. And I liked it. It isnt my "normal" type of movie but i'd watch it again fo' sho.

Now...because of inception my real life dreams have been all nutty. And yesterday i was discussing with J about taking my car and leaving it in fountain hills where he works.. out in a shopping center parking lot!

Enter Inception. I'm pretty sure that these two things combined freaked my poor brain out. I remember dreaming last night about someone breaking in and stealing all of our stuff... my wedding ring and my grandmothers diamond ring, our tv and even the tires on my car! What i dont remember is waking up in the middle of the night to put on my wedding ring and my grandmas ring. I woke up this morning and had both of them on. (I know for sure that i didnt have them on when i went to bed.)

Weird? yes. Coincidence?....maybe?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Field of Dreams

Do you ever feel like you have just totally hit rock bottom? life?

I feel that over the last month or so, J and I really hit rock bottom. In short, we were both jobless and everywhere (and i mean everywhere) we applied to rejected us. My father told me that my car was dying, and then we both got really sick! Ugh. Life.

Well...thankfully we were able to lean on each other, had the love of our families to buoy us up, and we turned to our wonderful and loving Heavenly Father for guidance. The temple is the best place for a pick me up, i tell you what. :) About a thousand times better than chocolate, a Pepsi, or a great chick flick.

J has found a seasonal job for now, and we are praying hard that it will turn into a full-time gig (which we were told today that could happen!). The benefits are beyond amazing and that means that we could start a family! We are so excited to be at that point in our lives...we are both a bit baby hungry. J told me tonight that he wants a little person in our home. :) Doesn't that just melt your heart a little bit??

I had another interview at a salon today...i'm hoping it works out. Its really close to my house, so J could use the car to get to work. They dont work on Sundays (which is why i didnt get the other job i interviewed for) and i'm familiar with their product line. So we are praying that that will also work out.

Now that I'm feeling better, i've tried to get our place decorated for Christmas! I had it pretty much done weeks ago, but my mom gave me a bunch of left over decorations from her house that i've been making my own here! I just keep adding bits here and there and J just looks at me like, "really....? another decoration?!"
But to be fair, none of my decorations are big (except for my tree) and i'm only decorating 2 rooms in the it just seems like alot :)
I'm going to clean the apartment tomorrow and take some pictures so i can show you that we have the Christmas spirit!

I'm so mad at myself. I've redone alot of the decorations i've had and i forgot to take 'before' pictures. I only have after. Just take my word for looked NOTHING like that before! okay? okay.

I also went over to my parents and helped decorate their house (inside and out). I wont take pictures of the inside, but i will post pictures of the outside. My parents neighbors joke that we are the griswalds. :)

Well, here is to hoping and praying things to work out. "If you build it they will come", right? ;)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I see the light!

I think that maybe, JUST maybe, there is a LIGHT at the end of this sickness tunnel. Its been a long and unpleasant journey (which i would have to venture all train rides might just be...but since i've never been on a train i cant say for SURE). Now that i'm feeling a bit better, i must turn my thoughts and actions into more important things other than medicine, and the wonderous invention called the Vicks Steam Vaporizer (that is totally more amazing than a regular humidifier because its hot, steamy medicine directed to your lungs. downside? it makes the whole house smell like vicks...). Now your thoughts and actions can go to how in the world are you going to clean your apartment...that you cant even see the floor of. IN. ANY. ROOM. fantastic. {insert sarcasm here}
But, yay to feeling better!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

S'not so bad....

"it s'not so bad" is ludicrous! SNOT is evil. Its evil when it gets all clogged up in your head, making you feel all cattywhompous. Its evil when its pouring down your face for no good reason at all. And its evil when its drip-drip-driping out of ONE nostril (the left one. apparently the right one is my gal pal and is too prissy to DARE drip).

In case you cant tell, i have been cursed with a head cold. Darn you cold weather (that i have been praying for because i was sick of melting in NOV) and the evil nasty virus bugs that come with you! ARG.

and yes. being sick turns me into a pirate.

I'm in the middle of some fun projects right ornament wreath, a rosewood (or something like that) wreath and hanging ornaments from the ceiling making our apartment feel all merry and bright. LOVE IT. too bad i am now going to crawl back to the bedroom PAST all my wonderful projects to get all comfy cozey in my jammies and CRAWL back to snuggle in my lovesack with hot chocolate (nectar of the gods). Pictures to come!

over and out. i need a kleenex.