Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dag nab it.

So i had a whole video to show you--what i spent my shoe money on.
but the video will. not. up. load.
dag. nab. it.
i will get it to work. eventually.
**side note**

went to the OBGYN condition is worse. I now have cysts covering both ovaries. Which means that I'm not ovulating, which means i cant get pregnant. So he prescribed me medication to get me to ovulate...we'll see what happens! Trying to stay positive and not lose hope.


  1. boo! but i will keep you in my prayers girl! ps love your hair!

  2. Keep your spirits up! I have pcos and thyroid issues. I have been off bc since jan but we have been trying since may. I was not ovulating. My doc started me on 50 mg of clomid that didnt work. he upped the dose to 100 mg but it didnt work. anyway long story short I decided to go to a reproductive endo in october because that doc was not doing anything for me. After one visit with him he put me on 150 mg clomis and a steroid and it worked I finally ovulated. The next round I had two eggs mature! So there is hope and the meds they have now are great. Just keep your head up and remember that the long hard road you have to go down will only make you appreciate your little baby more when it comes. ;)


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