Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2 baby!

Where to start??!!
Um, my name is Andrea and i'm lame. i havent taken ANY pictures since Jace and i have been married...its truly sad. but no worries!!! i plan to rectify that! its freaking almost Christmas!
Today marks TWO months of being married for Jace and I. WEIRD. it feels like its been much longer. LOL I told someone that it was 2 months today and they even responded with "really?? i think you're lying. its been forever!" No joke ya'll.
i love Jace. and i realized last night that we have become old married folks. He got home from work early...(5) and made me rush to go out to dinner. Done and home by 6:30. Went to joes band concert at 7:30 and i fell asleep by 10. I have no idea when Jace came to bed. SAD!
So...tell me if this ever happens to you. Because i was getting some crazy good long sleep last night...that i'm not used to...i had some crazy weird dreams. The last dream was Jace being totally mean and telling me that i was stupid etc...and in the dream i started crying. I then woke up to my alarm with the OVERWHELMING urge to throw my pillow at him.
WHICH i might have just done....
but he totally slept through.
I have 2 people to get present for left...but i have everyone elses and they are wrapped and under my tree!!!! I had this crazy sense of "I HAVE TO GET THIS DONE OR ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!" Seriously...where did DEC go!??!
Jace and I are blessed to have our families so close for the holidays (and everyday too)
We get to spend part of both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with them as well as starting our own family traditions. :)
I think i hit the nail on the head with Jace's christmas presents...i'm pretty excited to watch him open them! yay Christmas!
School is good...the last few days have been kinda slow for me. I'm done with all my required work...and i still have a week and a half! UGH! And i didnt have clients the last 3 days. :( So today i gave my classmate rachel a mani/pedi. I'm not the greatest artist, but i did snow and snowflakes on her fingernails and holly and berries on her toes.
Before I close this post...(because i dont know when i'll post again) here are some of my favorite things about this time of year:
1. Hugs
2. Kisses
3. The smell of real christmas trees
4. the colors red and green
6. Coats! and scarves!!
7. Christmas Hymns
8. People are generally more happy
9. The spirit of giving
10. Remembering Christ (you should always remember Him,
but we seem to more around this time of year...)
11. Family
12. Jace.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Today is brought to you by the number 5

5 Things I was doing 5 years ago
1. Senior year at Westwood. I had such a blast that year!
2. starting to teach private violin lessons to youngsters
3. Trying not to die from the Mono.
4. Being truly thankful for my family who became my best friends.
5. Realizing that i'm happy with who i am, and not being sorry for it!

5 Things on my To-Do List
1. Christmas shopping!
2. Decorating our house for Christmas!
3. Helping the Momma Wight get her Christmas deco out
4. Love on my husband
5. Be a better wife, daughter/daughter-in-law, and sister

5 Things I would do with "1 MILLION dollurs!" (Bedtimes stories)
1. Invest so I could make more money
2. Buy our own home
3. Be generous with giving
4. Share with someone in need
5. Buy a SUV :)

5 Places I have lived
1. Mesa, AZ
2. Bigfork, MT (2 months one summer, and 2 weeks every summer since)
3. Pinedale, AZ (6 weeks every summer as a kid) do these count?!?

5 things I want to be doing in 5 years!
1. Being a mom to at least 2 kids
2. Being a freaking awesome cosmetologist
3. Happily fulfilling my role as a hott and amazing wifey!
4. Serving in the church
5. Supporting my husband no matter what!

***5 PeOpLe i tAg***
1. Mindy
2. Jamie
3. Busy Bee Lauren :)
4. Rachel (tickle queen!)
5. Shea

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Forever and a day

I dont remember when i started saying that...but i use that saying all the time now!
"When was the last time we talked???---"forever and a day!"
"When was the last time you colored your hair andrea??---"forever and a day"
"When was the last time you blogged????---"forever and a day!"
Now, technically its been like a month. BUT STILL!

Jace and I are doing fantastic. :) He is a wonderful husband! I had a horrible-no-good day a couple of days ago and he comforted me. and then took me out to applebees to get me one of these:

Um, yeah, hi. Only one of my all time favorite treats! I love me some of Jace AND that strawberry daiquiri. MMMMM

I got our wedding pictures back and they turned out so good! The problem is, now i have way too many to chose from!!! Here are a few of my favorites:

I bet you didnt know this about me...but Mr. Darcy...yeah. He and i are BFF's. He came to my reception, cut in, and danced with me. I know, I know. You are SO jealous. As you should be.
Well, nothing else too interesting going on with us Hunts. We are working hard, and having fun being married :)
I'm getting ready to plan a Gunnell cousin night soon. SO to all you Gunnells that read this:
Be looking out for my email! It's gonna be great!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Blogger death by busy-ness...

Hi. My name is Andrea Hunt and i'm sad to report that i've officailly died as a blogger since i got married!
Trying to keep up with moving in, trying to find the niche of married life, school, and all sorts of other fun stuff; I havent had time to write anything down!

(plus, the whole not having internet at our house is a BIG factor...)

In a few days it will be 2 weeks since Jace and I got married.

And it was the best day.


It only was, like, the hottest day in the month that we've had...(mid October people. really?)

and we had a billion relatives coming in from all directions.

and the nervous butterflies of not knowing what comes next.

but the best part?? the anticipation of becoming Mrs. Jace Hunt.

and spending FOREVER with Jace.

Everyone always says that their wedding day was a blur, that they didnt remember anything from it, and that they really couldnt/didnt appreciate what was going on around them.

Not the case for me.

I remember most things perfectly.


i truly enjoyed myself the entire day!

We went to the temple at 930 AM...

Were sealed to each other, surrounded by friends and family at 1030 AM

(YAY jamie's beautiful baby decided to wait till her due date!)

Had a fantastic lunch with our friends and family at The Landmark at 12 PM

Jace and I went to relax and pack at OUR house for a couple of hours

Got ready to go get family pictures at 530 PM

Reception started at 630 PM and FLEW! to 9 PM

Where we jumped in the car, went back to our house to change, and left to the hotel.

My reception was truly magical. I cant even express how amazing it was! We had it in a cultural hall, but it was surrounded by tent like material with a lighted tent expanding over the entire room.

There were red and white roses EVERYWHERE! Red and black beta fish adorned some of the tables (yes...i kept one and named him WALKER, TEXAS RANGER)

Pictures of Jace and I were on every table.

My cake was beautiful

(though not what i ordered)

and I had so many friends and family offer to help that things went as smooth as they couldve.

It was incredible, and i've never felt so loved.

I have my pictures...as soon as we get internet at our house or i have more than a few minutes at my moms I'll post them :)

For our honeymoon, we went to my families ranch up in Pinedale. The weather was PERFECT! I was completely comfortable...and poor Jace was freezing the whole time. But it was awesome. Just relaxing and focusing all our time and energy on each other. It was a great bonding time for us. The 4 days seemed WAY too short...and we had to come back to reality. School and work were calling our names. However, it still doesnt feel real. A few nights ago, Jace and I were driving home and i had the weird feeling that my mom was going to call to see where i was and when i was coming home!

Last night as we were talking and getting ready for bed, i looked over at him and thought, "oh my goodness! we are so married! weird!" then i snuggled him :)

(NO that is not us.)

Life is great. It may not be exactly what we want or how we want it, but how blessed are we to be where we are!??!

On another note:

When i joined the Hunt family i became an insta-aunt to beautiful Grace (2.5) and handsome Corbin (1).

A week after Jace and i were married i became a REAL aunt for the first time. LOL

Alyssandra Lee Hunt was born to Josh and Jamie.

and shes GORGEOUS.

i love babies.

and right now, i'm loving the fact that they arent mine. so i can love them, and play with them, and then give them back to their parents


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mrs. Jace Hunt


Its finally here :) I can move past all this wedding planning and junk and be married to jace. i'm so happy!!!
We are getting married at 10:30 tomorrow morning, surrounded by our family (lots of them) and good friends at the temple. How lucky are we?!
My grandpa and grandma flew in from Montana yesterday, as did one of my bridesmaids (Kendall) from Utah! Everyone else comes today!!! I feel very blessed. My uncle Brian from Alaska is coming, my cousin sheri from California, my aunt Debbie and Uncle Jim from California, and a surprise my aunt Judy from Utah. They are all coming to see me and Jace!
Other news...my uncle that seemed to be slipping from this life?...yeah...he totally is doing much better! He is still losing his battle with the cancer, but he is up and moving...he answered the phone the other day when i called and sounded just like the old Bruce. I couldnt believe it was him! He also was out running errands with my aunt a few days ago. He stayed in the car, but he was OUT. I think he may just make the wedding. (crosses fingers)
What a joy that would be!!
Jace and I are going to my ranch for our honeymoon. No internet or computers up there....and i'm really excited about that thought. :) So, until we get home and have time to write again, be happy! See you soon!
Andrea Hunt :)

Monday, October 12, 2009


Um...where did the last 6 days go!??!

that's right.
we are down to....4 days!!! and actually...today is almost over so....3!


I just wanted everyone to know why jace is my hero. Tonight is his bachelor party. and guess what he did for me?? yes, FOR ME. crazy man! this night was supposed to be all about him!

i digress. anyways, he surprised me by having a massage therapist come to my house to give me a relaxing, amazing, incredible, etc...massage to take some of my stress away!

i love that man.

Monday, October 5, 2009


10 days.
that is all jace and i have left till we are married!!!!

I cant believe it is ALMOST here. FINALLY! These past 4 months of being engaged were crazy and much needed, but the last month or so were just annoying! Everything is pretty much done...its just making sure everything gets there the day of. I have family coming in the Tuesday and Wednesday before ((i cant believe they are actually coming! its so exciting)) and Jace's family is coming...there will be so many people that they've just decided to do a family reunion while everyone is here!

2 Saturdays ago was my bridal shower thrown by all of my aunts. Renay was so sweet to open up her home! I felt so blessed and loved to have everyone show up, Jace and I are truly blessed to be from such great families. I have some fun pictures that my aunt and cousin took...i'll try to get a couple up soon.





This last Saturday was The Jeff Hunt Band's show at Tempe Market Place! For all of you who dont know, Jace, his brothers, and some other talented men are in a band! They have an awesome sound and they have so much fun together. They are starting to do bigger shows and Oct 3rd kicked it off! It was great seeing people enjoy their music.





Its so crazy how many things we are counting down to. First it was the shower, then it was the show. Now my bachelorette party thrown by my MOH is this next saturday, then its family flying in, then FINALLY the wedding!





Only 5 more weeks in school until i'm out on the clinic floor! I cant belive its already been 5 weeks since i've started! CRAZY.





But thats not all!! My future SIL Jamie is very prego...and due the week after Jace and I get married! We are all so excited to welcome the next baby Hunt into the family!





My little cousin Richie (who is not so little anymore) received his mission call to Honduras! He reports this next Wednesday. We had an open house for him last night. It was so fun for me to remember funny stories about Richie growing up and realizing that he now IS grown up and going to teach the Gospel. I'm so proud of him!





On a much sadder note, my dear uncle Bruce was diagnosed with cancer a few months back. We didnt even know he was sick, so it took us by complete surprise. He has progressively been getting weaker and last night my mom had us go over to basically say goodbye. It was so hard for me...i feel like he is more of a father than an uncle and i couldnt make myself say goodbye.
He recognized me at first, but not so much by the time i went to leave. I had Jace with me and he leaned in to hug my uncle when Bruce became pretty clear. He knew who was hugging him...kissed Jace on the cheek. My aunt said "Jace is going to be taking care of Andrea for the rest of her life" and my uncle looked at Jace and said "he better."
What a sweet experience for the both of us. He is such an amazing man. I'll miss him more than i can ever express.
How blessed are we, to know that we have eternal families?? It would be unbearable if we didnt have that knowledge. I love my uncle and i'll miss him dearly, but how fortunate for us to know that he has work to do on the other side, that he will be out of pain, and that we will see him again.





Well, thats it for now. I'll continue to post and keep you up-to-date on the countdown :)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Model Saturdays...

So, i have ALOT to catch up on with posting...but that will have to be saved for a little bit later :)
Real quick, i wanted to let anyone who would be interested know, that on Saturdays I have model days at my cosmetology school. Generally we are working on something specific...like last week it was giving perms.
and did i mention it was FREE???
This week I'm able to do:
I hate being bored on Saturdays when i dont have enough clients...so you should hit me up! if you would like to make an appointment just give me a call or comment on the blog!! Its free for the next 5 weeks...so this offer will be around for awhile and i'll keep you up to date on what we are doing :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

i love me some of...(long post...)

Ever have an icky day??? Do you have a special pick me up to help get you through that day??? I do. In fact, I have several. Here are some of what help get me through my "blah!" days...
This is the man of my dreams....and reality!! Couldn't love him more than I do. All i have to do is think about him and i almost instantly feel better. I get to be his wife for eternity in:
1 month and 3 days.
I've only been to this place once. But this is where Jace proposed!!! This is Fountain Hills, Arizona. Jace knows how much I love fountains and took me to the biggest one around to pop the question! It'll forever be one of my favorite places.

Yeah...just look at those. 'Nuff said
My friends:
This is my best man friend Troy. Hes awesome. And someone I can totally be myself around. I'm lucky to have him in my life.

This is my best girl friend Katie. We've been best friends for 10 years now. And we're weird and wacky and share a love for floppy beach hats. :) Shes also my Maid of Honor.

This isnt my cabin, but its close enough. My family has a tire swing and its been my favorite thing for as long as I can remember...

Ever been to Bigfork, Montana?? ITS AMAZING. Love the Flathead Lake and the water skiing that goes on there.

My favorite animals. Dont judge.

Who DOESNT love great white sharks?? Jace said he'll take me to go see them someday off the coast of South Africa. There is a reason i love that man. :)

Flamingos. What other animal is hot pink?!?
(shrimp dont count)
Pythons. Boas. If its a big snake, i love it. These happen to be my favorite...Albino Pythons. Arent they pretty!??!

I grew up on Pepsi. Pepsi is way better than Coke. However, I would rather drink a Coke than Diet Pepsi. ICK! Gotta be the real stuff.

Fishy Crackers...aka...Goldfish Crackers...one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE SNACKS.

Strawberries? Yes Please. Strawberry Cream Cheese Cake? Um. LOVE.

The best drink in the entire world. The VIRGIN strawberry daiquiri. Makes my heart melt just thinking about it.

Child books?? Maybe. I started reading them when i was in my teens. The series isnt finished yet, and i'm still totally loving on them!!! I dont care if they arent considered grown-up or the books that make you think, I LOVE THEM! they allow me to escape to another reality.

If you havent read Icing on the Cake...you are missing out! Its a little more funny if you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints because it has some funny situations they get into...like at singles wards. However, I will still recommend this book to anyone who will read it. If I'm having the worst day ever...I know that I can come home and read this and be in a fit of giggles in no time.

And of COURSE! The twilight series. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I remember when the first book came out and no one knew what twilight was. My aunt bought it for me and i was hooked! Sadly, i had to wait EVERY SINGLE YEAR for the new one to come out, but it was worth it. Except for New Moon. Yuck! ;)

I am a HUGE high heel fanatic. I have a problem. Do they have a shoe-aholics anonymous group? because i'm pretty sure Jace will put me in one if i dont join myself
Um, yeah. HI. Hugh Jackman. I dont think i really need to elaborate on why i love him.

Working in a salon all day...you discover your favorite hair products. The Bedhead small talk isnt new to me, i use it everyday! But I love it so much, i had to include it. The new product that i've fallen for is the Foxy Curls. AWESOME! and they make your hair smell SO SO SO good!!!

These are some of my make me happy things. What makes you happy??
Make sure you have a happy day!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Meet Jace. I get to marry him. Thats right. Be jealous. :)

Jace is one of the best people that I know. He's thoughtful, caring, sweet, goofy, super talented, a great kisser, nerdy, passionate, and a million other wonderful things. And he really loves me. Could I ask for more??

I dont think so.
In case you were wondering...this is what true love looks like:

Ps. Jace does a much better fishy face now...we'll have to take one on our wedding day.

PPS...Lauren took these photos. Shes awesome. We love them, and we love her. Thanks!