Monday, October 26, 2009

Blogger death by busy-ness...

Hi. My name is Andrea Hunt and i'm sad to report that i've officailly died as a blogger since i got married!
Trying to keep up with moving in, trying to find the niche of married life, school, and all sorts of other fun stuff; I havent had time to write anything down!

(plus, the whole not having internet at our house is a BIG factor...)

In a few days it will be 2 weeks since Jace and I got married.

And it was the best day.


It only was, like, the hottest day in the month that we've had...(mid October people. really?)

and we had a billion relatives coming in from all directions.

and the nervous butterflies of not knowing what comes next.

but the best part?? the anticipation of becoming Mrs. Jace Hunt.

and spending FOREVER with Jace.

Everyone always says that their wedding day was a blur, that they didnt remember anything from it, and that they really couldnt/didnt appreciate what was going on around them.

Not the case for me.

I remember most things perfectly.


i truly enjoyed myself the entire day!

We went to the temple at 930 AM...

Were sealed to each other, surrounded by friends and family at 1030 AM

(YAY jamie's beautiful baby decided to wait till her due date!)

Had a fantastic lunch with our friends and family at The Landmark at 12 PM

Jace and I went to relax and pack at OUR house for a couple of hours

Got ready to go get family pictures at 530 PM

Reception started at 630 PM and FLEW! to 9 PM

Where we jumped in the car, went back to our house to change, and left to the hotel.

My reception was truly magical. I cant even express how amazing it was! We had it in a cultural hall, but it was surrounded by tent like material with a lighted tent expanding over the entire room.

There were red and white roses EVERYWHERE! Red and black beta fish adorned some of the tables (yes...i kept one and named him WALKER, TEXAS RANGER)

Pictures of Jace and I were on every table.

My cake was beautiful

(though not what i ordered)

and I had so many friends and family offer to help that things went as smooth as they couldve.

It was incredible, and i've never felt so loved.

I have my soon as we get internet at our house or i have more than a few minutes at my moms I'll post them :)

For our honeymoon, we went to my families ranch up in Pinedale. The weather was PERFECT! I was completely comfortable...and poor Jace was freezing the whole time. But it was awesome. Just relaxing and focusing all our time and energy on each other. It was a great bonding time for us. The 4 days seemed WAY too short...and we had to come back to reality. School and work were calling our names. However, it still doesnt feel real. A few nights ago, Jace and I were driving home and i had the weird feeling that my mom was going to call to see where i was and when i was coming home!

Last night as we were talking and getting ready for bed, i looked over at him and thought, "oh my goodness! we are so married! weird!" then i snuggled him :)

(NO that is not us.)

Life is great. It may not be exactly what we want or how we want it, but how blessed are we to be where we are!??!

On another note:

When i joined the Hunt family i became an insta-aunt to beautiful Grace (2.5) and handsome Corbin (1).

A week after Jace and i were married i became a REAL aunt for the first time. LOL

Alyssandra Lee Hunt was born to Josh and Jamie.

and shes GORGEOUS.

i love babies.

and right now, i'm loving the fact that they arent mine. so i can love them, and play with them, and then give them back to their parents



  1. Awesome blog :-) and I agree with the baby play with them and have fun with them, but at the end of the day you know if they get fussy, the you can give them right back to their parents.

  2. "i'm loving the fact that they arent mine. so i can love them, and play with them, and then give them back to their parents" I love this. Sometimes I really want babies....and I am sure I will want them even more when I KNOW I am going to have one....but it is nice to just give them back to the owner. hehe.

    I love that you are loving being married. some girls freak out. it makes me sad. I can't wait to see your pictures! I have seen a lot on facebook, but can't wait to see the professional ones.

  3. Congrats! Married life only makes you busier, I know it's hard to imagine. But yay for no more saying goodbye at bed time =)


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