Friday, August 21, 2015


I LOVE doing special event hair.






I have had the opportunity and privilege of doing hair for all sorts of events and it just makes me happy every time. I love making someone feel beautiful. 
I love getting to share in the excitement of the event. Its awesome.

I've had a few people contact me about my bridal packages lately (yay!), 
and so I thought I'd share my price list on here as well. Call me---I'd love to help you out!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


When i first started this blog--i did grateful posts.

When I was struggling with something, or even just because, i turned to writing down my blessings.

I'm going to do that again.

I have been struggling with lots of things...

but today I want to write a grateful post because my heart is full of hope and light.

Today I am just SO grateful.

#1. I'm grateful for my Heavenly Father. Who loves me. and I know it.

#2. I'm grateful for the knowlege that my heavenly father loves me.

#3. I'm grateful for my family--my pilars of strength.

#4. I'm grateful for my husband. For his hard work.

#5. I'm grateful for my beautiful home. I never dreamed that I would finally have a house of my seemed to far away and too hard to fathom. But I do. And its wonderful and was such a blessing from the Lord.

#6. I'm grateful for my brothers and their strength and their examples to me. My older brothers are amazing. And my little brother who comes home in just a month and half!!--he has grown into an awesome young man.

#7. I'm grateful for my talents.

#8. I'm grateful to be the laurel advisor at church.

#9. I'm grateful for the ability to bake some yummy desserts.

#10. I am so grateful to be a mom. To have Nash in my life. He is my driving force right now. He keeps me moving, keeps me on my toes, keeps me happy. I love him with all my heart.

It feels good to list things you are grateful for...try it. :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A day in the life.

My days are pretty much the same.


I kinda get annoyed at Jace when he calls at lunch and asks what we've been up to.

Uh hello! You know what we do.

So here is our (mine and nash's) typical day--sans doctor appointments or other errands that must be done.

6 AM: Nash wakes up...hes only been asleep for 6-7 hours. Dont think so kiddo!! Here is a bottle, diaper change, and you ARE going back to sleep.

9 AM: Nash wakes up for good. He is STARVING. No...wait he WAS starving. Now all he wants to do is play in his room with his "durdle" (nash for 'turtle', which is actually a dinosaur.)

9:30-10 AM: I finally drag him away from durdle and strip him down so he can eat breakfast. Oh yeah...hes decided hes STARVING again and now I'm the one that is not moving fast enough for him. I make him toast with jelly, and cut up a bunch of fruit. It all gets thrown on the ground. I make scrambled eggs and put ketchup on them...and he eats them. Hallelujah. "OOPS"...I turn around and nash has tossed his juice and its spilled all over the floor. Now I clean up the second mess of the day.
--Nash wont eat all of his food without a show to distract we have Little Einsteins going. (He expects me to sing along, to "pat..pat...pat...blastoff" no matter WHAT i'm doing or WHERE I am. If i'm in the bathroom--he comes and finds me and pats his chest and lifts his arms until I do the same. Then he runs back to his show.)

10:30 AM: Nash is "all done" (thanks signing time!) and now wants "bat?" That is Nash for bath. And hes made such a disaster of himself---he gets one.

10:35 AM: Nash has dumped so much water on the bathroom floor that I now do not have to mop. Or shower.

10:45-11:30 AM: Baby signing time is requested. And by requested, I mean demanded with signs and cries. I have now watched the same episode for the millionth time. I know the words backwards and forwards. I know the signs. Nash even anticipates which signs are coming on next. I think Rachel has an annoying laugh. Its totally fake. And we get it lady--you can sing. was holding that ONE note out for as long as you did, REALLY necessary?? And yes...I have this conversation in my head, and to Nash multiple times a day. Also...during signing time Nash has virtually emptied his entire toy chest and bookshelf and strung everything through our whole house. My clean house that I spent 2 hours on after he went to bed last night?...yeah its even worse today. ..We need to go get some medicine. I need shoes. crap. Where is my right shoe?? Oh. In the random kitchen drawer that Nash somehow got open. Awesome. (seriously...Nash hides things. if you come to my have been warned!) If we dont need to go anywhere I read either 10 different books back to back or the same book over and over until I beg Nash to get a different one.

12 PM: NAPTIME!!! Nash typically gets super grumpy super fast. Hes fine one minute and then BAM! Hes at my feet, crying, holding his blanket, and signing and saying "milk". Once I finally give him his "bobble" he lets out a giggle. And then drinks it in .5 seconds and spends the next 45 MINUTES playing in his crib with his stuffed animals. IF no one rings the doorbell, drops something really loud, unloads the dishwasher, or heaven forbids LAUGHS...he naps for a solid hour. Which means he is in his room for about 2 hours. Even though he wakes up slightly grumpy because he is tired...naptime is bliss because he's not trying to swallow a magnet, or climbing the couch and kamakazing off, or begging for me to hold him, or trying to close the toilet lid WHILE i'm still sitting there doing my business. 

12-2 PM: This is when I market my business'...make doctor appointments...make grocery lists...when I have clients come over...when I shower...or when I clean up the disaster that was Nash when he was awake. Jace calls and asks how my day is and what we are doing...i get frustrated.

2 PM: IT IS AWAKE. and IT IS HUNGRY. Nash gets up and repeats the same thing he did for breakfast. Half of what I make him ends up on the floor. He wont eat all of it without a show so we go and try Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Its his FAVORITE. However...the only clubhouse on Netflix is Road Rally...and we have watched it 4 billion times. I'm pretty sure that is an accurate estimation by the way. However..."Meow mouse" (mickey mouse) enthralls the kid. He lets me clean him up (he asked for a bath, but I said no) and then parks it to finish road rally. Oh, but not without getting the bazillion toys out again.

3 PM: We go outside (its a scorching 110 degrees and 1000 degrees humidity...thanks monsoons). I sweat through my clothes in 5 minutes. I have to hose off the swing set because we would get 3rd degree burns on them.

3:20 PM: I couldnt take it anymore. We go back inside. Nash is distraught.

3:30 PM: We go to grandma and papa's house around the block. We go swimming in the tepid-almost-as-warm-as-outside-water. Nash counts hundreds of airplanes. He also tries to drown himself about 30 times.

4 PM: We hang out with grandma and randy. Nash is in heaven. He loves their home.

5 PM: I try to put Nash down for a second nap. It doesn't always happen. However, if he didnt take a good nap early on, he typically goes down for another one. He is SUPER GRUMPY this time of night. I collapse on the couch because I'm so exhausted. That is only IF I dont have clients coming over.

6:30 PM: I start making dinner...if I cook that night. Its been really hit or miss lately and I feel bad about it.

6:31 PM: If I decided not to do dinner, I'll spend the next 45 minutes until Jace calls when hes off work, feeling really really guilty and watching NCIS on netflix.

7 PM: Nash is awake! Generally. If not, I wake him up. He gets dinner--no matter what. He cant wait until Jace gets home--its too late. He is a disaster again. Then he asks for a bath--which I go give him. He wants me to sing "Popcorn" over and over and over again because my voice is that beautiful. Ha. He gets a kick out of saying "popcorn", and "meeeeeee!" 

7:45 PM: On a good night, Jace gets home about now...however most nights its more like 8 PM. We eat dinner and talk about our day while Nash runs about willy nilly and further destroys the house. I'm 99.9% sure Jace thinks I dont clean, or do dishes, or anything all day every day. Jace plays with Nash for a bit...we read the same books as earlier, but daddy does funny voices. 

9-9:30PM: We start getting Nash ready for bed. I know that 9:30 is late to alot of people, but for us and our non-sleeping son, its been a really good time. I'm hoping to up it to 9 by this fall. We get him in jammies, bobble in hand, his blanket in the other and his (my old) kitty in the crook of his arm. He folds his arms, signalling us to have family prayer. We finish, he pulls the bobble out of his mouth and says "mamen" (amen), gives kisses and says "nigh-night". 

9:30 PM: I'm on the computer working...either editing photos, or scheduling clients for the coming days. Jace is winding down by playing a video game. 

10:30 PM: I finish. I make Jace turn on our show and we watch together until we head to bed. 

11:30 PM: We head to bed. Lately jace been going to bed before me...I just cant seem to turn my brain off. SO....

11:30 PM-1 AM: I stay up and clean the house. Gearing up for my almost identical day tomorrow.

I'll say this though...being a mom?... ITS HARD. But, being a mom? ITS THE BEST.

Monday, August 10, 2015


When you are having a hard time (in general), its hard to keep things in perspective.

I have had a few friends reach out (who i havent seen in almost TEN YEARS) and make sure i'm okay. I sure love them. It just makes me happy knowing that even though I dont feel like I have alot of friends, the friends that I do have are quality. Katy, Emily, and Whitni--I'm talking about you. You girls are so sweet and I love you so much.

I'm going through spurts of doing okay, and then not so okay.

Nash is sick again and I'm up with him all night holding him so he can get some sleep. It isnt working out so well for either of us.

I'm having my second period in 16 months and its knocked me flat out.

I'm working alot right now, which is wonderful, but also hard trying to juggle a baby's schedule too.

The other night, Jace and I got into a really beyond stupid fight. I went in and wrote in my journal something I have never even said out loud. The stupid quote "Life sucks and then you die". I have never felt like that, and I'm angry that I let myself feel like that and that I wrote it down.

Today I am feeling pretty crappy. Nash is still really sick (we have a doctors appointment later). But I made appointments that I needed to and fed my son, and made my bed. So...thats something, right?

I also read 2 articles that made me believe in humanity again...

and then I watched this video and I've just been sitting here in tears, thanking my Heavenly Father for some perspective.

Anyone out there having a hard time right now...I want you to know you are NOT alone.

And I love you.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Cue Honesty

There are lots of things that I dont say.

There are lots of things that I dont show.

I hide them from others.

For fear of them making light of my hardships.

For fear of them making fun of me for my hopes and dreams.

For fear of no support.


Cue Honesty.

My husband has had an addiction that I knew nothing about. It devastated me. Its been hard.

I want another baby so badly, but have no idea when or even IF it will happen.

I love my son so much it hurts. It also hurts when he seems to want everyone else BUT me.

I have a beautiful home. I'm a good cleaner. However 97% of the time it looks like a bomb went off.

I have NO idea how to stay on top of all the yard work we need to do.

There are dirty dishes ALWAYS in my sink.

My son throws his food. EVERY SINGLE MEAL.

Im lucky to take 2 showers a week. A WEEK.

Makeup has only been on my face 6 times in the last MONTH.

Nash keeps getting sick and it worries me. He also wont nap which cant be good for him.

I started my own business and i've had clients all week. Its been awesome! But i'm scared it wont last.

I worry that I'm not enough. That I dont do enough. That I dont matter enough.

But i'm working on all of it.

Today for example. I washed all of my dirty dishes. I put a load of laundry through. I showered with Nash, got us both dressed, did my hair and makeup and cut 2 kids hair this afternoon. I picked up the family room and dining room while Nash "napped"and I'm currently editing a picture for someone.

Life is hard. Its scary. Its alot to handle sometimes. But I'm working on it. :)