Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My prayer tonight

Dear heavenly father,

Thank you for the gifts and trials ive been given.

Thank you for my sweet husband-for his laugh, smile, hugs, kisses, and concern for me and nash, and for his job, for a boss who is LDS, for our health insurance.

Thank you for our cars. Thank you for having gas be a reasonable price. Thank you for the luxury of having 2 cars and not having to take a bus or walk where we need to go.

 Thank you for temples and having one down the street. Thank you for the peace that place brings. Thank you for the scriptures and living prophets. Thank you for technology allowing me to read, listen, watch from anywhere!

Thank you for our wonderful families. Thank you for good siblings and their spouses. Thank you for our sweet nieces and nephews. Thank you for our parents. Especially considering that were living with my parents now.

Thank you for my brothers new job and that he was safe yesterday. Thank you for allowing us to serve missions. Thank you for joey and him having a mission full of people who love him.

Thank you for blessing little Zoey brimley and keeping her safe today.

Thank you for allowing me to be a mother. Especially to my Nash. I have never been more tired or happy, more frustrated or excited than I am now. Thank you for allowing me to be a stay at home mom so I can experience all of these things. Thank you for my stretch marks that remind me that I carried my little man just like I always wanted.

Thank you. I may not always act as thankful as I need to be. My life isn't perfect...but its pretty awesome. I love you.

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Make fun of me if you want to

Yesterday, as I was laying dead from the stomach virus that settled in this house, I really started planning my baby boy's first birthday party.

Today, as I was rocking my poor, sick, baby boy to sleep and watching him cuddle into my chest and sigh contented sighs, I burst into tears.

Because I realized that my baby isnt going to be a baby much longer.

And my mom brain went into overdrive thinking that it wont be long before hes up and playing with neighborhood kids and not me, then he'll be in school full time, and in 17 years (honestly, that is NOT very long!) he'll be on a 2 year mission for our church. Away from me. 


So excuse my messy hair, my pajama or yoga pants, my spit uped on shirt. I'm not going to be making plans to keep myself busy or because we "need to be out". I'm going to soak up all the moments I can. 
I want to remember the way Nash's eyes look when he searches for me and then finds me. The way his voice sounds when he says mom. The giggle he has when I kiss his tummy and tickle his feet and inner thigh. How cute he looks as he figures something new out. The way he reaches for people he wants. The high pitched soft voice he has when he sees an animal. 

He is my baby boy. Always will be. But he'll only be this size once and I've gotta soak it up.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Fall in January

Christmas this year was pretty warm. I mean, I was in a short sleeved shirt and flip flops the morning of the 25th and I didnt regret it at all.

Just after that, the last week of December and first week of January, we had winter. It got COLD. Ice was in a thick layer on top of our cars and didnt melt all day (if not driven). Frost covered roofs, grass, and mountains were seen. Many plants were lost. In some areas of Mesa, it freaking snowed.

Then it got warm again. Boo. However, the last few days have been fall like. The leaves on the trees finally changed color from green to gold, and started falling. We took advantage of that. 
I like seriously am in love with the weather, these pictures, and my sweet sweet boy.

2015 goals

I always, ALWAYS try to do goals with realistic outcomes. No one wants to keep saying, "i'll lose 20 lbs" for the 10th year in a row. In my case it was always, "i'm going to stop biting my nails" just never stuck.

This next year, I plan on it being a pretty full and big one. I may not get everything on my list done...and THAT IS OKAY. I have goals to work towards. As long as I keep going, thats all that matters.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Dallin's son

2 days ago, Carissa Hunt--wife to Jace's cousin Dallin who passed away--gave birth to a healthy baby boy. 8 pounds, 22? inches, and lots of hair. Welcome to earth Levi Dallin Hunt!! 
We love you already and are so happy you got to spend some time with your 
dad before you came to us!
What a wonderful blessing he is.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Years Eve 2014

Ringing in the New year...just how I like it. No stress, lots of food, and jammies! If I never do it any different I wont even care. I'm happy and comfortable. Ah :)

I went and got a wrist brace (i'll explain later)

We went and spent some time with grandpa and grandma hunt who are in town watching football with pop. Then we came home and ate olive garden, watched a few movies and episodes of arrow, chased my now sick son around, ate more food, made my bacon wrapped little smokies, rang in the new year by going out in the rain for 10 seconds and took a few pictures. Nash finally went down with the help of Benadryl at 12:45 AM. I followed around 2 AM. I was so tired.

Thank you for being good to us 2014...bring it 2015!