Sunday, June 13, 2010

It'll be better

Yikes. Over a month since i've posted....

this is worse than writing in my journal. ::cringe::

Someday i'll be able to give you a full rundown and upload some pictures...but thats someday.
For now, heres a quick update.

My Jace had his 23rd bday, we celebrated with the Wights by having cake and presents ((he got new clothes from express from his wife :), a bowling ball, bag, and shoes, a frisbee, and a 72 hour pack from all of the Wights. Then we went out to dinner. YUM
The Hunts had a bbq/pool party! He received xbox controllers from his parents and a new video game from his brother!!

I've gotten even more busy in school, now i'm staying 4 nights a week. Its totally lame. But on the bright side, i'm almost done with all of my requirements and then i'm just putting in time till i graduate. :)

My birthday is in 2 days!! :)

My big brother gets married in 4 days!!! i'm so excited! and i bought a new dress that was on major sale ((thanks to the fact that prom is just over and they need to get rid of things!)) and i got my hair accessory on for half price!

Jace and I are looking to move in Aug sometime, seeing as our lease is up Sept 1. Its creeping up on us and we'll miss our first house. But we are excited to move on.

So there it is...a quick update on our lives. I promise, this blog will pick back up when i can get back to my normal life. It will be better!