Wednesday, December 21, 2011


We are so seriously behind on our 12 dates of much for all of my planning! Kinks just keep getting thrown in there. We have opened #4-8 and plan on doing them when we can...we may just have to extend our Christmas all through Dec this year.

In other news...i am still sick. awesome. and have bruised my side from coughing so hard.

Jace got the job at Wells Fargo! We have lots to figure, school, etc., but i think this will be the start of something really good for us!

We still have roaches in our apartment. Are you shocked? Because i am so far beyond that now... I think i have actually reached a zen place...i look at a roach and all i can think is "another one. wow."

Jace and I are planning on moving at the end of January! (3 times in 3 years)

Christmas has snuck up on me! It doesn't feel like Christmas to me...and i don't know if its the yo-yo weather, the fact that I'm working full time, or what...but its weird! We have been decorated and presents wrapped since the 1st. We are just finishing up helping my family get all their lights up and tree decorated. 4 days left! crazy.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

3rd date of Christmas!


Last night, while Jace was at work, i made myself busy whipping up some snickerdoodles!

As soon as he got home we went delivering! It was fun to connect with some people and it was fun to think of when the other people would realize they had cookies hanging on their door.


2nd date of Christmas!

"Pick out a board game and play best 2 out of 3! Who ever wins gets to choose dinner!"

I don't have any pictures...i was too busy whooping up on Jace to deviate.

that's right. thank you ticket to ride. i rock.

:) and thanks jace for little Caesars and crazy bread. mmmm.

1st date of Christmas!


My camera's battery was dead.

My phone's camera stinks...

We waited too long to do this and all the stores are already putting christmas on major sale and taking it down.


regardless...we found what we came for. without further adieu....presenting OUR ornaments!

Our couple ornament for this year! We went and saw ALOT of movies at the well as i'm pretty sure we rented from blockbuster and redbox almost everyweek.
so yes, a ticket stub ornament represented a part of our 2011.

Jace has decided that hes going to try and get a super hero ornament every year. Last year his ornament was Spiderman. This year, we waited too long so we didnt have alot of choice...but we now own yoda. Who is awesome. So we dont mind having him at all.

My ornament for this year! It has nothing to do with anything. I was COMPLETELY limited to what i could choose. BUT its pink. its glittery. its has a feather tail.
and i'm kinda loving it now :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Disappointing Dream

I hate those.

You wake up all excited because IT WAS SO REAL.

only to realize that it really really isnt.

Last night i dreamed that we had to send out new Christmas cards (horrifying thought by the way) because we found out we were expecting a baby. And we wanted everyone we loved to know that it finally happened.

Then i woke up. And got all sad. and got even more sad when i realized i needed to go to work and i was really comfy cozy in my warm bed. LAME.

On a positive note: Jace has a job interview with Wells Fargo today...and that could totally be awesome for us. So pray for him!!! and keep your fingers crossed for good measure :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I feel like...Ricky Gervais

So in the movie stardust (which is awesome by the way), this witch:

Does this to ricky gervais' character because he talks too much:

And then he sounds like a chicken...and very foolish.

oh yeah. in the movie he also dies right after this picture ^.

I am Ricky Gervais' character...except instead of a chicken i sound like this:

and yes, i do feel very foolish. and no, i dont think i'll be dying anytime soon.

but i really really want my voice back.