Tuesday, January 26, 2016


16 years ago our cat Phoebe had 4 kittens. Right smack dab in the middle of the family room, next to the recliner. The first was a black and white, then 2 black, and one striped--just like phoebe. We thought the black and white was the only boy--he had a cute little patch under his nose, so from then on he was "Patch".

All of the kittens were so cute. I mean, all kittens are. But especially Patch. We just fell in love with him. Their mom Phoebe got sick and couldnt nurse the kittens...so my family had to step in and feed them with a dropper while Phoebe couldnt be around them. We developed quite the little bond with those sweet kitties. Once Phoebe got better she could be around them, but it was getting to be time for them to wean and find homes of their own. Phoebe liked to hide the kittens...her favorite spot was my room. And I got to tell you...i LOVED having a room full of kittens!! It was heaven for me. Pure happiness. ::side note:: my favorite place she hid the kittens was IN my brothers bed! the underneath was ripped and she put one by one of those kitties up in the bed. It took us FOREVER to find them!

Mom took the kittens to get spayed and neutered...and much to our surprise, we found that Patch...was a GIRL!! Didnt change her name though...patch suited her.

We found homes for one of the black kittens (Misty) and for the Phoebe look alike (PJ--phoebe jr.). We however found ourselves unable to think of giving Patch away. We loved her too much. (Midnight stayed with us too).

Over the years, I have enjoyed my cat, Patch. She lived in my room for most of my school days. (I think she finally decided to not sleep with me my senior year). She cuddled with you when you were sad. I remember crying on my bed, only to find that Patch had heard me, jumped up on my bed, snuggled in and started purring loudly. She was my comforter. She was so silly. Her big eyes following the noises or laser pointers...but never really having the guts to chase after it. She was so "blonde"... we took her to the Cabin and she climbed a pine tree...only she couldnt get herself down. Her sister Midnight had to climb up and show her how to get back down. She LOVED laying in whatever box or bin was closest...especially if you thought she couldnt fit. And the attention is what she most sought out...so good luck reading that paper or trying to do your algebra homework...Patch needed a rest.

(Easter when I was 14)

(My 21st birthday)

Fast forward to now. Patch is 16 years old. Thats fairly old for a cat. And shes sick. With how busy life is, we didnt really see any signs that she was sick. Slowing down, yes. Sick? Not so much. That is until last week...she was looking pretty bad. Mom took her to the vet...and they did bloodwork. The best guess without the results from the vet was that she was old...and her kidneys were failing. ::results came in and her kidneys arent working anymore:: I spent yesterday crying every time I thought of not having Patch in my life. Shes been here for more than half of it. She has been my cuddle buddy. My pal.

(Nash giving "Pach" one more kiss goodbye)

My mom couldnt bring herself to take Patch in. My little brother couldnt even consider it. So its fallen to me. Fitting though. She was my cat. I was her human. And I should be the last to say goodbye.

So...goodbye sweet girl. I love you forever.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Baby Kate

When we moved into our house in April, we knew a few of the surrounding families (we are around the block from my parents, so I know them from growing up here). The families around us are established and we were excited when a new family moved in just down the street. They have a little boy that is about a year younger than Nash and the mom was pregnant! I got to talk to them and get to know them a little at our block party in October. Dianne said she was due with baby #2 at the end of December. I immediately gave her my card and told her i'd love to do her newborn pictures and Dianne got so very excited! Well, Christmas came and went and I never heard from her. Last week, as I was about to call to see how things were going, I got the news that baby Kate was here!! She was a week overdue and cute as a button!! 

Kate was extremely AWAKE during her shoot. Mommy nursed her after awhile and I snuggled her for a bit and she went right to sleep, so we continued on with her session. She was so good!! And her big brother Blake loved watching her get her picture taken. 

Welcome to the world Kate!!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Sicker than sick

I'M SO OVER SICKNESS!!! This year (end of 2015 till now) has been so BAD with illness!! Everything just keeps making the rounds. I don't know why my immune system is so crappy. My Doctor even commented on how much I've been sick, and how I need "to take time to rest and recover". OKAY....how do you suggest I do that with an almost 2 year old??!!

I basically got sick in September along with Nash...and haven't been better since. I've gotten a cold, that went into a sinus infection, that gave me a yeast infection, that blurred into another sinus infection, which led to another yeast infection that gave way to yet ANOTHER sinus infection, that led to a cold. I got better and felt "good" for 2 or 3 days until yesterday where I woke up, felt okay, took Nash to the doctor because, yes hes sick AGAIN, only to walk in the door and start vomiting so hard that I kept peeing my pants.

No joke. If i stood up, I retched. As I retched, I peed myself. And not a little. A LOT. It was mortifying. I couldn't keep anything down...i tried sips of water only to throw it back up. My doctor called in Zofran for me...because if that didn't work then I was going to have to go to the ER for an IV. Luckily the Zofran worked. I haven't thrown up in almost 18 hours. I've yet to eat anything...but that's probably for the best. 

So, if i'm slow to respond to anyone, or hit and miss on the blog...know its been because I'm sick. Basically all the time. And gosh dang it, I'm working on getting better!!!