Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ziadeh Family

I had my last photo shoot of 2015 yesterday!! It was so wonderful to look back at the past few months and see my growth in my photography. I have been blessed to work with some amazing people and help create some new memories for them.

The Ziadeh family is one of a kind! Falin and Anton are a powerhouse couple. They have a beautiful little boy and just welcomed their little princess 4 weeks ago. They were in town from California for the holidays and we squeezed in a photo shoot before they left. It was a true Arizona winter day...50 degrees and windy. :) 

I love my job. I love getting to know new people, experience new things, and make others happy.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Crappy Immune System

So i'm in the middle of my 4th...yes FOURTH sinus infection. In 2 months. I barely have time to stop taking the antibiotics and then i'm sick again. This time, it hit hard. My weak immune system was pretty much nothing and i got bombarded with the sinus infection, and a cold, and some respiratory junk. Basically, I want to rip my lungs OUT and head OFF. 

I had a family contact me before Halloween about photographing their childs birthday/big family holiday party December 17th. I agreed. I've been so sick, but I had been on antibiotics for 2 days, and I had to do it. It was too late to cancel.

So off I went in the 45 degree weather and danced around the Wright house grounds for 2.5 hours snapping away. I think the family will be pleased. It was beautifully decorated (very lavish if i'm being honest!!), they had a green screen, santa and mrs clause as well as 2, and a face painter. It was a production!! 

I drove back home, and curled up on my couch in my jammies.

And i've been doing that since. Poor Nash. I feel like I've been a crappy mom the last couple months. With me being so sick, we havent been outside hardly EVER. I'm my harshest critic and worst enemy. I feel like I should be at a certain standard and I never seem to reach it, no matter how hard I try. Maybe I just keep raising the bar for myself...without even knowing about it. 
I dont know. 

Right now, i'm trying to get healthy enough to enjoy Christmas with my family. Nash is old enough this year to get really into opening gifts and playing with toys. I dont want to be miserable/look miserable in the video/pictures/my memory. Thankfully, Nash wont have permanent memory for awhile. Maybe by then I'll have my act together. And a working immune system.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Baby Graeme

I birthed a sweet little guy 21 {almost!} months ago.

My best friend Katie birthed a sweet little guy 5 months ago. :)

So fun :)

Well, Katie decided that for Graeme's first Christmas we would do a 6 month holiday shoot for her Christmas cards. I was so happy to do them!!! He was so snuggly and squishy and I just wanted to hold him forever. Its been awhile since my guy was itty bitty. 

Graeme was tired and so all he wanted to do was to be held. It made for an interesting photo shoot. And sure soon as we let him just rest on his Grandma's lap, he promptly fell asleep. 
Cute little fella.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Bullock Family

This sweet family lives across the street from my parents.
They are the picture perfect family. 
Loving, adorable, and FUN!

We did pictures the Saturday after Thanksgiving in one of the new parks...
to say it was crowded would be an understatement!! However, we got rolling and boy was it fun!! Mom brought a water bottle to smooth hair down, and dad used that to get everybody giggling the rest of the shoot. I had so much fun.

Thanks Bullock family for letting me hang out with your family for a bit!!