Saturday, August 29, 2009

When did I become a grown up??

I find myself frequently asking this question lately. I mean, I AM GETTING MARRIED. I'm about to share my entire life with someone else who didn't give birth to me, or has been part of my life for many years. SCARY!!! But, also exciting.

Jace and I are renting a house for our first place. It'll be perfect for us. We are close by my family and his, we have room to move around, and the best part? We will be on our OWN. Other than Jace's mission to Idaho, he has never lived on his own. And I haven't either. It will be a growing experience for the both of us to say the least.

2 days ago, I went through a final walk through with the lady we are renting from. I paid her for next months rent, and I was handed her-scratch that-OUR keys. Its now MY house. MINE and JACE'S house. WEIRD!!!! I've been moving some of my stuff over today...and its so surreal to me! This is actually happening!

Haha, as I was thinking about how grown up I've been feeling lately, I was just reminded of how very un-grownup i can be. I'll tell you the story...i know you're DYING to know, right?

**So my best friend and I were single together for about a year (up until this last April when I started dating Jace) and we decided that we really needed to fix that! Being single can be fun, but being WITH someone is better! So, I accepted every setup that was thrown my way...and Katie agreed to go on her first blind date. Those didn't last, but we thought it was a good jumping point.

Katie attends ASU and on the days she had class I would receive text messages saying something similar to, "OMG Andrea. there is this beautiful specimen of a man that has class just before me in the building i go into. I cant stop staring at him. I think he must think I'm a mental case. He has definitely seen me staring at him." My advice to her was to just TALK to him! But she said if she ran into him again, then it was fate, and she would step it up. Well...the next day not only do i receive a text saying that she just couldn't talk to him, because he was too pretty, i also received a PICTURE MESSAGE. that's right. she straight up turned CREEPER on me and took his picture! (btw...i should mention that he was pretty cute with nice arms...)

So, we devised multiple ways that she could talk to him. Find out if he was single and interested kind of a deal. The one we settled on came from me. And was a dream I had. But we went with it. Which meant that we shouldve known it was a bad idea...however...

**sidenote here...i teach the marriage and family relations class in my church**

The dream was AWESOME. and we felt that we couldn't go wrong with it. I was going to make up a survey (people do surveys on college campus' ALL THE TIME!) related to my marriage and family relations class. That way we could find out if he was a) married b) attached or c) single. Also, we could get his name, age range, year in school, major-ALL in one fell swoop! We made up multiple questions for each category...and in the single field, we found out if he was open to girls making the first move, and where he would rather meet a girl. AM I A GENIUS OR WHAT?

The day came where i actually went to ASU with Katie, and i kid you not....i became a creeper too. I followed the boy from his classroom to his bike and stopped him and got him to take the survey. ((Katie had had a dream that his name was Zach so we rightly named this the Zach attack.)) Turns out the boys name was John. Oh well. But he was single, and in the right age range for Katie. So i gave her a signal to come over before i was done with my survey...and she did. And stammered like you wouldn't believe. Told him he was gorgeous and that the survey was fake. Then threw her number at him and totally walked off leaving me there looking at this guy, who now knows that I had made everything up.

Best part?? I smiled at him and said "thank you for your time sir!" like i was still in character and walked off to find where Katie went!

We giggled about that for days. Never heard back from John....but it just reminds me that I'm not as grown up as I think sometimes.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One of those days...

So, it was one of those days today...or actually yesterday (its 1:30AM) Honestly, I haven't felt this bad or upset or whatever in forever. Years actually.

It all started building a few days ago...the person helping me with my wedding invitations bailed on me. Ignored my phone calls...and well...were we up a creek without a paddle? YES. But i was assured everything was going to be okay by my great mom. and by my great finace.

so...take a deep breath and move on. RIGHT?
right. BUT...

then our videographer wasnt calling me back with the information i needed....and the lady doing our guest book decided that she doesnt believe in phones or returning messages....AND jace called and wanted to talk about maybe moving into a DIFFERENT place this week instead of the place we already have planned. Now, that shouldnt have been a big deal, i mean, he just wanted to talk it through. BUT i was already stressing, and i handled things badly.

That takes us to this afternoon...I start cosmetology school next week (YIKES!) and i needed to know about taking time off already so i can take out my endowments AND you know, get married and go for a little honeymoon with my honey. Kind of important, no? I get the okay (thank goodness!) and treat myself to a little strawberry daqueri--virgin of course--as a way to help me relax.

Once i'm home, my brain is realizing all of the grown-up, important things that jace and i havent taken care of yet. Car insurance, health insurance, etc. I literally started to go a little crazy, and honestly thought about taking a xanax to calm me down. I was told to breathe deeply and for a long time...and it worked...for a bit.

Just so you know, Jace is wonderful, and was really concerned about me...i think we talked on the phone more times today then we have the entire time we've been dating. He even planned a fun night with his brother Jeff and his wife Mindy, Mindy's sister Lex, and one of Jace's friends Wes. We ate at Cafe Rio, then went and played 3 legged goofy golf, (yes dear reader, i just said 3 legged goofy golf) and back to Jeff and Mindy's for a movie and popcorn! A much much much better way to end a horrid day!

I know, I know...this post is NOTHING but me complaining...and I apologize. Let me end it by adding some wonderful highlights from this last week:

1. Got my ring cleaned...its beautiful and shiney again! yaya!
2. Jace gave me an amazing foot rub...without me asking.
3. Spent some fun one-on-one time with Josh , Jamie and Corbin
4. Went shopping/running errands with my mom ALOT! (not always a fun outing, but it was fun being with her!)
5. Watched Disney's Hercules
6. Enjoyed a killer but brief rainstorm with my mom, dad, and brothers
7. Movie quoted back and forth with my brother Jeff
8. Had a really great family night with Jace's family...really talked to Jace's dad, who asked me to call him 'Pop', like everyone else. --big deal for me. it made me really feel like part of the family.
9. Got my fix of playing with babies! LOVE grace and corbin
10. Spent a long time on my knees, thanking my Heavenly Father for all the blessings that I have in my life...and asking for his strength and guidance in the days to come.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


My best friend and I always write lists to each other. We both LOVE lists.

So today, since i'm feeling extremely grateful, i want to make an "I'm grateful for..." list

I am grateful for:

  • family. My mom, dad, and brothers

  • home. (that wont be my home-home much longer)

  • best friends. They make me laugh.

  • jace.

  • air conditioning. without it i would not be here. i'd be melted into a puddle.

  • people willing to help with my wedding! showers, the reception, taking our engagement pictures...such a blessing! thank you!

  • new family. Mom and Pop, 3 new brothers and 3 sisters!

  • jace.

  • finding a place to live. another HUGE blessing that fell into our laps...

  • yellow roses sitting on my kitchen table.

  • Tylenol...lets face plans give you headaches. i'm loving on the tylenol right now!

  • jace.

  • Benadryl

  • ...did i mention Jace??

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Its started...

Its the truth. I have succumbed to the blogging world! Thanks to those people who used loving and caring words, peer pressure, and even helping me come up with my blog's name. :) I owe you all.

I never think i have very interesting things going on in my life, so I never feel the need to share. Hence, why I haven't had a blog. However, seeing as my life is totally changing right now, others seem to think I should share. So...i'm gonna.

I'm getting married to the greatest man ever, in...1 month and 28 days! AH! i cant believe its already here, and at the same time it feels like our engagement has taken, in the immortal words of Michael 'Squints' Palledorous from The Sandlot, "FOR-EV-VER."

I love my future husband more than words.

I'm also starting Cosmetology school in less than 2 weeks! This is such a drastic change from my science major that i've been working on for YEARS. But i'm very, very, very excited!

So, to those of you reading--hope you aren't going to be bored. Blame all those people who talked me into this. :)