Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One of those days...

So, it was one of those days today...or actually yesterday (its 1:30AM) Honestly, I haven't felt this bad or upset or whatever in forever. Years actually.

It all started building a few days ago...the person helping me with my wedding invitations bailed on me. Ignored my phone calls...and well...were we up a creek without a paddle? YES. But i was assured everything was going to be okay by my great mom. and by my great finace.

so...take a deep breath and move on. RIGHT?
right. BUT...

then our videographer wasnt calling me back with the information i needed....and the lady doing our guest book decided that she doesnt believe in phones or returning messages....AND jace called and wanted to talk about maybe moving into a DIFFERENT place this week instead of the place we already have planned. Now, that shouldnt have been a big deal, i mean, he just wanted to talk it through. BUT i was already stressing, and i handled things badly.

That takes us to this afternoon...I start cosmetology school next week (YIKES!) and i needed to know about taking time off already so i can take out my endowments AND you know, get married and go for a little honeymoon with my honey. Kind of important, no? I get the okay (thank goodness!) and treat myself to a little strawberry daqueri--virgin of course--as a way to help me relax.

Once i'm home, my brain is realizing all of the grown-up, important things that jace and i havent taken care of yet. Car insurance, health insurance, etc. I literally started to go a little crazy, and honestly thought about taking a xanax to calm me down. I was told to breathe deeply and for a long time...and it worked...for a bit.

Just so you know, Jace is wonderful, and was really concerned about me...i think we talked on the phone more times today then we have the entire time we've been dating. He even planned a fun night with his brother Jeff and his wife Mindy, Mindy's sister Lex, and one of Jace's friends Wes. We ate at Cafe Rio, then went and played 3 legged goofy golf, (yes dear reader, i just said 3 legged goofy golf) and back to Jeff and Mindy's for a movie and popcorn! A much much much better way to end a horrid day!

I know, I know...this post is NOTHING but me complaining...and I apologize. Let me end it by adding some wonderful highlights from this last week:

1. Got my ring cleaned...its beautiful and shiney again! yaya!
2. Jace gave me an amazing foot rub...without me asking.
3. Spent some fun one-on-one time with Josh , Jamie and Corbin
4. Went shopping/running errands with my mom ALOT! (not always a fun outing, but it was fun being with her!)
5. Watched Disney's Hercules
6. Enjoyed a killer but brief rainstorm with my mom, dad, and brothers
7. Movie quoted back and forth with my brother Jeff
8. Had a really great family night with Jace's family...really talked to Jace's dad, who asked me to call him 'Pop', like everyone else. --big deal for me. it made me really feel like part of the family.
9. Got my fix of playing with babies! LOVE grace and corbin
10. Spent a long time on my knees, thanking my Heavenly Father for all the blessings that I have in my life...and asking for his strength and guidance in the days to come.


  1. I had NO idea your day had been such a bummer! Oh, hang in there honey...although you'll have days like this from time to time it WILL work out. If there is ANYTHING I can do to help just let me know. I had so much fun last night...I think it is time to ditch the guys and have a GIRLS' night though. Hope today is MUCH better than the last.

  2. Weddings are uber stressful. I feel your pain. Just know that things will all work out for the very best, even if it's not how you originally planned...just remember what it's all going towards and you'll feel a whole lot better :) And a little pampering never hurt :) love you tickle queen!

  3. I am so sorry things have been stressful! I will help if you need any!

    You are amazing...xoxo!

  4. i found that some of the most stressful things came to me so close to my wedding. satan tries to kill us before we make the biggest step in our lives! aka i got in an accident [my fault to add] the week before our wedding leaving us without a car! the day you are sealed to jace will make all of the sweat and tears so worth it and you would will be willing to go through it all and worse to relive that day again!!! good luck with all the wedding plans :]

  5. sorry your day was so crumby! You can call me anytime! (on the house phone of course, we all know I'm brain-dead and don't know my own cell number) I'm glad you got to go out with Jeff and Mindy. I always have a hoot with those two! They really are two of my favorite people! (I should probably tell them that huh?) I second Mindy's "Girl's Night" idea! That would be fun! Also, this Saturday we (all 6 of us) should go to Barro's for pizza and hang out...what do ya think? And don't worry...it will all be over soon! Yeah!

  6. awh, love im sorry! Just remember you gotta just enjoy the planning, and know it will NEVER go as planned. Ha ha thats the greatest advice I ever recieved, but i would never EVER in a million years do it again! But I am so excited for you guys!! AAH you are adorable!

  7. Ah planning a wedding. i feel you sister. I was going to school full time, working 3 jobs, and planning a wedding that took place three days before Christmas. I turned in my last final the day before the wedding, and my car broke down. I swear hell opens up it's gates to the bride when you try to get married. It will all be worth it though. You are making me miss my family!!! Enjoy them, cuz I can't. :(


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