Thursday, February 24, 2011

Re-take on "I have never..."

I call this the "Do you ever...?"

Like, do you ever go to say something and then blank totally out?

do you ever forget the salt in the cookies you're making and they turn out horrible?

do you ever forget to put milk on the grocery list, go to the store reminding yourself of the milk, and go home only to realize that you didnt actually BUY the milk?

or how about this?

do you ever look back at your life and smile?

or wonder what wouldve happened if you sent that letter to your ex's parents after you broke up? (yeah. i just found a letter i wrote my ex's family after we broke up...i keep looking at it and cant decide what i do with it now!)

do you ever wonder about the conversations you might have had with those that have since passed on?

do you ever sit and wonder why you dont allow yourself to have silly fun more?

or do you ever think of what your future kids will look like? (will they have Jace's dark hair and my blue eyes...because--TO. DIE. FOR.)

These are some of my "Do you evers..." lately. Do you have any??

Friday, February 18, 2011




Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How you doin'?

So, just so we can see how well i'm doing on my 25 before 25 list:

**create an ornament wreath--CHECK.
**read and finish atlas shrugged--ALMOST CHECK. Im about half way there.


and yeah. thats all i got. i better get myself in gear.

Friday, February 11, 2011

A letter to myself:

Dear Me:

Remember how you looked at yourself in the mirror and realized that you were like really really overweight?

Remember when you scored a job at a fairly close salon?

Remember when you and your husband were down to just one car and he was going to need it for work?

Remember when your brain came up with THIS idea? "I can just ride my bike to AND from work! it'll be the perfect plan! J can have the car, and i'll get in FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC shape!"

Remember how you've been only riding the bike FROM work for the last few days??

Remember how you wanted to die after only ONE mile that first day?

Remember how you sat at the light waiting for the "WALK" sign to come on and silently cursed your legs, AND yourself for being so out of shape?

Remember how you went to spinning class and almost cut off your legs after 30 minutes while your sister in laws were kicking your trash?

yeah. I remember that too. foolish.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Valentine's Craft

These crafts started out because I have almost NO Vday decorations!

Last year i cut out like a BILLION hearts and heart attacked the inside of our house. I kept them and did it again this year, but i wanted something else.

So i thought? WREATH!

I made ONE and LOVED IT. So i made my mom one, and my SIL Melanie one (she doesnt have much for decorations either!) and then i made one for my friend Lauren (the BusyBee) for her 23rd Bday! and one for my friend Katie. Her 24th is in a few days.

So much fun. So much mess! You should really see our floor/couch. Fabric EVERYWHERE. but SO worth it!


So sometimes, as a cosmetologist i feel a bit...hooker-ish.

Not because of my clothes or my manner...but because of this:

Everything to the right of my toes are ALL ONES. all ones.


you wanna know how many one dollar bills?? 83 of them.

Good grief.

All that, is just 1.5 weeks worth of tips.

No pain!

No pain-no gain! as the saying goes.

My lovely hubby J has REALLY bushy eyebrows. Which is apparently common and "okay" for guys. Too bad he married a cosmetologist. It drove me freakin' batty!

So instead of letting me wax them, J preferred to have me tweeze them. After doing that twice (1 hour each time) I had had enough!

I invested in my own waxing kit (just like the one i had at school) and viola! AMAZING! angels sang! His eyebrows were done in what? 5 minutes maybe?!?

He didnt LOVE it at first, but admitted it was much better than tweezing.

Well, one thing i have noticed is that men also have lots of nose hair. and they cry and complain about it every time they try to get those bad boys out. Well at school we learned how to do... NOSE WAXING! I let them do it to me and it didnt hurt AT ALL. I'm not joking. No pain!

Well, J FINALLY (after much persistence and begging on my part) let me wax his nose hairs. Exhibit A.

He wasnt the biggest fan of felt weird and uncomfortable to him. But it didnt make him cry. Score!

Pepper Potts-Hunt!

Hahaha yes. you read that correctly. Jace and I adopted! ....a hampster!

We were trying to think of names...and decided to pick ones from some of our favorite movies.

If we got a boy we were to name it Sherlock Holmes.
The girl was a little harder, but as soon as we said Pepper was a done deal.

Shes really cute and teeny-tiny (much to the dismay of my SIL Jamie who actually RAN away from her in her CAGE! (i was unaware of the fact that mice give her much more than the shivers and Pepper is just to tiny for her to think she is anything BUT a mouse.)

I had a few videos of her that are really funny but for whatever reason blogger isnt letting me upload them.
Gah. moments like these make me wish that technical stuff didnt elude me. However. they do. its life.

Catch up

Here are some pictures from Christmas that i didnt get up on the blog like i wanted in Dec.