Saturday, February 5, 2011

No pain!

No pain-no gain! as the saying goes.

My lovely hubby J has REALLY bushy eyebrows. Which is apparently common and "okay" for guys. Too bad he married a cosmetologist. It drove me freakin' batty!

So instead of letting me wax them, J preferred to have me tweeze them. After doing that twice (1 hour each time) I had had enough!

I invested in my own waxing kit (just like the one i had at school) and viola! AMAZING! angels sang! His eyebrows were done in what? 5 minutes maybe?!?

He didnt LOVE it at first, but admitted it was much better than tweezing.

Well, one thing i have noticed is that men also have lots of nose hair. and they cry and complain about it every time they try to get those bad boys out. Well at school we learned how to do... NOSE WAXING! I let them do it to me and it didnt hurt AT ALL. I'm not joking. No pain!

Well, J FINALLY (after much persistence and begging on my part) let me wax his nose hairs. Exhibit A.

He wasnt the biggest fan of felt weird and uncomfortable to him. But it didnt make him cry. Score!


  1. That is funny because I totally wax Ken's few chest hairs. Hooray for patient men. Nose waxing huh, that is new. Have you ever tried the "final touch" (or finish touch). You can get them at walmart for about $10 and it is a tiny electric razer. Perfect for nose hair, girl mustcahes and chin hairs. I don't know how I lived without it. Jace might like that better. :)

  2. seriously you should do waxing along with hair and your soon to be lash extentions. My husband is super cheep and hates paying to get his hair cut but wont even bat an eye at shelling out to get his eye brows waxed. He hates the tweezers and I hate paying for him to get them waxed but am to chicken to go out, buy an at home kit and do his myself.


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