Friday, October 30, 2015

Hunt Halloween FHE

So in recent years, the Arizona Hunts have had the tradition of a family Halloween family night. Nothing too over the top, but an extra night for the kids to wear their costumes, for pumpkin carving, yummy food, and fun company.

Its no secret that Halloween is not my favorite. Honestly, it really never has been. But its fun to see the kids having fun and its low key enough not to cause anxiety. (for me)

Jamie made Kara's broccoli and cheese soup/breadsticks...i had to go off my diet for that because...CARBS. yum. There was desserts of pies and cheesecake (neither my bag, so i munched on candy) and I brought some salads.

Nash has been hit and miss with being sick. He wasnt feeling quite himself this night, so I have almost no pictures of him smiling. Oh well. The other kids were being their usual funny selves. And the kiddos (grace, corbin, and aly) carved their own pumpkins and they turned out great!! Alaric (jamie) and Ryker (Josh) did a good job too. :)

The cherry on top of the fun night, was that Gracie Loo Who pulled a tooth out. She is getting to be so grown up!!

Friday, October 16, 2015



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The important things.

Throughout my life there have been hard things.
Tough things.

They have always made me stronger. Better.

I have noticed that since I got married...things are still hard and tough. More so now, if I'm being honest. And in some ways they have made me better and stronger as a person.

But not always.

I struggle with body image now, which is something i've never done. 

I catch myself comparing myself to my sisters in law or a good friend who seems to have it all together.

I find myself getting jealous of things now.

Or find myself lacking in areas I feel I should excel at.

There are times I long for the girl I used to be.

But, then I wouldnt know what I do now. I wouldnt know that I can overcome heartbreak. That I can put my trust in God to carry me through because my legs cant physically hold me up anymore. I wouldnt know and have Nash without going through devastating infertility. I wouldnt have reached outside of myself and taken jobs and excelled at them. I wouldnt be ME.

I want to remember DAILY the important things.

My family.

My son.

My testimony in God the Eternal Father and my elder brother Jesus Christ.

That things are JUST THINGS.

That the strawberry slushie Nash just spilled all over my cream rug DOESNT MATTER.
(I didnt yell or scold. I actually just said "Oops! Did you find your daddy's slushie?" Then i cleaned it up and gave him a kiss. It made me feel so good!!)

That I'm dealing with and working through some pretty "heavy" and tough things. People dont know that. And they may say or do or think hurtful things about me...and that is on them. I cant and SHOULDNT worry about that. Because I'm trying to be a better me and overcome the obstacles placed before maybe that girl that "i long for" can manifest herself in this more weathered and experienced woman I am now. 

Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

6 years

6 years ago today I got married.
we've had:
5 moves.
4 wards.
3 years of heartbreaking infertility.
2 years (almost) of JOY playing with our wonderful, beautiful, miracle son.
1 house that is all ours.

Its been rocky. Hard. Painful at times. 
Its also been great, happy, blissful, and rewarding at others.

Happy 6 years Jace. 
Heres to many more!

Friday, October 2, 2015

He's home!! He's home!!

Elder Joseph Harold Wight disembarked yesterday in Terminal 2 at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport at 3:40 PM after serving an honorable 2 year mission for 
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

To say we were excited was an understatement!

Joe is the baby of our family. He came into the world on our mothers 40th birthday--8 years after her last baby (ME). It has been 14 years since our last missionary came home. Now we have another 17 years until my Nash decides to go. was a big deal to get this kid home! 

My mother has been very anxious/excited/nervous for him to get here!! Finally, no more communicating through emails where questions don't get answered (ahem, Joseph), emails don't get answered period (again JOSEPH), or where he ends up at the temple so his P-day gets switched without mom knowing and her waiting for a letter ALL day only to not get one. Tsk. 

Joe left 2 days after I announced my pregnancy to the world. I've talked about how involved my family was in my fertility journey and so they were NOT out of the loop like everyone else. But the biggest thing, I wanted Joe to feel connected in some way to my Joe came to our very first ultrasound at 6 weeks. The one where we heard that awesome little heartbeat and were told we were having twins. Since Joe left, I of course, have sent him approximately 1,000,000 pictures of my son. Plus we got to skype with him (once i was still pregnant), then about 2 months after Nash was born, Again that Christmas (9 months), and again this last mothers day (Nash had already turned 1 and was walking by then). So he has gotten to see Nash grow...but its different in person. 
I was so excited for them to meet!!!

My older brother Jeff and his wife also had little Samantha 6 months after Nash. 
So Joe was coming home to 2 entirely new people!!

We loaded everyone up (Aunt Sally came for support--she just having got back from her own mission, and Wain came as well to help video) and we got to the airport. We were met by Aunt Joyce and Julie and her 2 girls--also there to lend support!! I made 4 signs and mom got balloons. His flight was delayed about 20 minutes and we let our guard the time we figured out Joe was basically right in front of us, we were still worrying about everyone having a balloon tied to them (oi). However....

I took so many pictures, and still have so much to go through, but here are a few that I combed through on my card.

Welcome Home Joe!!! You were missed very much. We love you.