Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Baby faces!


I am an emotional wreck!!! I keep thinking about my baby becoming a toddler!

I am equal parts totally excited for his next milestones/dreading him growing up anymore and missing my itty bitty baby.

I guess I got totally nostalgic and whipped up some collages of my nieces and nephews as babies and some of the more recent pictures of them. My oldest niece Grace was 2 when I married Jace. She is turning 8 this next month. EIGHT! 

WHERE DOES THE TIME GO!??!?!?!?!?!?!?

Anyways...enjoy the baby faces of my cuties. I sure love being their aunt.

Wight family. (My brothers daughters--Jane is 3, my Nash (11 months), and Samantha 5 months.)

Hunt family. Jeff and Mindy's daughter Grace (almost 8), Josh and Jamie's Corbin (6), Alyssandra (5), Alaric (2), and Ryker (2), Jennifer and Ken's Calvin (11 months), and our Nash (11 months)

Monday, February 23, 2015


I have been known to make a face or two in my day...

Jace makes 2 faces...we are working on it...

As a family, I guess you could say we are teaching Nash our ways (me more than Jace)...

Last night, I took out my camera and these are the faces Nash gave me. I couldnt even believe it!...

Thursday, February 19, 2015

A day out

We had to take my brother Randy to his new doctor at St. Joes hospital in Phoenix. Nash woke up from his nap just in time to go and make the trek there. I needed a way to entertain him while Randy and my mom were in with the doctor so we went outside and enjoyed the day!

Not too many days are left where its going to be nice enough to spend time outside. It was already 85 degrees today :( but the wind was blowing lightly and in the shade it was quite lovely!!

Nash wasn't interested in his toys or his lunch that I brought--he was much more interested in all the people walking by! It helped that they all stopped to say hi to him and tell him how cute he was. 
He loves attention :)

Then he discovered that he likes grass and was crawling all over it...and then pulling it out...
and then eating it. Gah! 

He sure is a cutie and I love him. I cant wait for our future adventures together! 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How in the?!

My baby...MY almost 11 months old. 

In. eight. days.


I'm sick still with who knows what. Nash and I keep giving something back and forth. Its made for a really rough start to February. I figured he was in a fairly good mood this afternoon, so I would take his 11 month pictures...yikes.

This kid is ALL OVER THE PLACE! He will not sit still and when he is in a mood--look out! Getting a picture with him smiling when he doesnt want to is a chore! Holy cow. 

But gosh dang. He is adorable. I just love him so hard.

Also...i just scheduled his 1 year photo shoot. And have been making plans for his 1st birthday party. And now I'm going to sob while I post these pictures. Wah.

Proud of the fact that he is escaping into the room hes not allowed in.

(His new grumpy man face)

Is the photo shoot done? Because I just pulled everything down...




(( I doing this?!?))