Thursday, April 29, 2010


So, i've been meaning to post. And sadly, this is going to have to be a short one folks. Apologies.

Here is a quick breakdown of whats been going on in our lives::

1. I didnt die on the cruise. I didnt get left in Mexico. I had fun and was able to get to know the Van Wagoners a lot better.

2. Cut Jen's hair on the cruise while very very dizzy. It came out great! Its my calling i guess. LOL

3. Came back home and found out that in order to graduate when i want to from school, i have to start going at least 2-3 nights in a row. that means, 13 hour shifts 2-3 days a week. I'm finishing my second week of doing this; let me tell you a few things. Number 1. It stinks. I get really bored. Number 2. I miss Jace. Number 3. All of the house work goes undone which makes me even more grumpy. Number 4. My feet were so swollen that on Sunday i spent most of church with my shoes off because my feet didnt fit in them. :(

3A. I am behind on doing bleaches/weaves and hair cuts. Any one who reads this and would like to come in, do so!!!! I'd love to see you, I"d love to give you a great hairstyle, and I want to get out of that school!! :)

4. Jace is doing some different work at the store. Hes going to start doing inventory and stuff, which means on some days he'll be home even before me!!! We can start going to the temple together!!!

5. Melanie's bridal shower is Tuesday!!! YAY

6. I did a run through of updo's for my friend Emily's wedding and she loved it!!!

7. Made over $650 this month for the school.

8. Played Yatzee with the family and Jeff killed us all with 4 yatzee's in ONE game!!

9. Jeff turned 29!!

10. Went birthday shopping for Jace. LOVE LOVE LOVE what i got him!!!

Cruise pictures next time!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

BBL give away!

My friend Lauren makes super cute headbands and other stuff.
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Thursday, April 1, 2010



I have never been on a cruise before. I have never had any desire to go on a cruise before.

they scare me.

and guess what I'm doing in less than 2 days?? yep, I'm going on a cruise with Jace's family.

here's hoping i don't get stranded in Mexico. Pictures to come when i return!!