Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I'M BORED! oh my goodness. I never ever ever never thought that i'd miss going to school everyday! But it gave me a purpose. I am kinda getting tired of sitting on my toosh all day. There is a quote from a movie that goes something like this "Give me work, give me purpose."

So...Random thoughts for a post today.

1. I love crafting...but it can be dangerous! i totally burned my thumb and then took half of the tip off on accident. OUCH.

2. I need to seriously lose some weight. Time to get my sexy back on.

3. I decided to bleach my own hair today...don't know how it looks yet. Guess we'll see.

4. Bleaching your own hair is surprisingly harder than i thought it'd be.

5. I also decided that i was going to put my hair in rollers to have some hot body hair. Forgot how much Velcro rollers itch!

6. I'M MELTING! seriously. its so hot still. please weather man, give me some good news in the near future?!

7. My niece started preschool this week. Hope shes having fun and not reeking TOO much havoc :)

8. Ned's Crazy subs...get in my belly!

9. Know what else i want in my belly?? a baby.

10. Jace and i have almost been married a year! woo-hoo!!!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

menial to spiritual checklist

Today was going to be my cleaning day. You know, since I've totally let it go and its SO messy! Yuck. I got our laundry all done yesterday. Today i was going to put it away and scrub till every surface in my house shined. What i didn't plan on was that i would accomplish none of that.

that's right. not one thing on my list got done.

you see, my mom called me with a favor this morning. to go pick up my big little brother from a friends house so she could go to the temple before it closed for 2 weeks. I didnt even think about asking to join, i was just happy to help by picking joe up. My mom called back not even 5 minutes later and said, " need to come to the temple with me." The funny thing? I didnt even think about it. I jumped up, put on a skirt and was off. We met up with my brother and his wife at the temple. We were there for a few hours...and you know what? I realized how good that sweet beautiful place makes me feel. I then went back to my place to show my mom who hasnt been over since i started decorating it. Then she and I went to Women's conference. (That's a special hour and a half meeting designed to counsel and uplift women.) I haven't cried so much in so long. My eyes have been red and puffy all day. Then my mom and i participated in a humanitarian project, putting together hygiene kits for foster kids. Seriously, not even 10 minutes of my time, will help some little girl out a lot. I feel so fortunate to be able to do so. After that, i went out to dinner with my momma. We talked about some of the struggles that I'm going through and how i need to just have faith and that she is and will always be there for me.

it is now close to 9:30 PM. my list has nothing crossed off on it.

my house is still a ridiculous mess.

and guess what? I've never felt like I've had a more productive day.

thanks mom. i love you.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

yesterday was the day

So yesterday marked another new chapter in my ever changing life book. I finally graduated cosmetology school! Its been a hard year, a year with alot of illness, and sorrows. A year of happiness, and eternal bliss found. A year where i gained 4 new sisters and 3 new brothers. A year where i moved twice (which is more than i've moved in my entire life!). A year where i killed off two of my fish :( RIP kuzco and walker texas ranger. A year where i made some lasting friends. A year full of uncertainty and newness. A year of love for my husband and eternal partner and love for my family. A year where i finally found something that i'm good at and can do for the rest of my life. A year where i believed in myself and finished something that will benefit my family and others for the rest of my life. Its been amazing! and scary! and fulfilling! and aggravating! and now its over! (so to speak...)

Now i begin a new journey.

I found some pictures that are some of the most memorable moments from this past year (that i could find and FYI they are in a crazy order):

Rock n Roll Husband! (i went to a show right after we started dating)

Gracie. Right before we went on the cruise grace fell and split her chin resulting in the stitches you see.

My big brother Jeff Married Melanie! yay for another sister!

Wain bought a ploaris "toy". We all got to play with it, this is joes serious picture.

Jessie joined the Wight family...and is a food black hole. You probably can tell but that girl eats as much as i do.

This is Rachel's graduation. The 5 of us got to be friends in school...and this marked the time when we were all going to start graduating.

Jace turned 23! This was at his pool party. I dont have a picture of him that night on my computer.

Jace and i had our first Christmas together! We went to the temple to see the lights with friends Brian and Megan.

Us Hunts went on a cruise to Mexico. I was literally sick the whole time, until i got onto shore each stop. This is a picture of 4 of our siblings on a boat to Lovers Beach in Cabo.

Jeff needed a dental assistant for his boards in California. I went and for my bday he took me to Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific. We had alot of fun together!

I had a "toga 22!" themed bday party...this is my best man and maid of honor. :)

This is a picture from the cruise as well...we shared a cabin with Jen and Ken. This is the night everyone went to get sushi...except Jen and I. So we goofed around in the cabin and it resulted in this picture. A comb mustache. Good look huh?

This was Christmas morning at the Wights. I was sick...and it was so early at the hunts that i didnt have my camera. This only got taken because Jeff was on top of things and i wasnt.

This is one of our favorite wedding pictures.

This is another one.

I started making special memory boards for people and i now have people ordering them! its awesome!

My best friend on her sisters wedding day! They had me do all of their hair. It was an honor and they all looked beautiful!

This is the bride Emily. She is so stunning! It was a gorgeous day and I'm so proud of my "little sister"!

I chopped all my hair off! (okay not all of it) i did cut 6" off ...and sadly now jace has asked me to grow it back out. I loved my a line though.

I started experimenting with lots of updos and ended up having people wait for days for me to get their updos done by me.

I also experimented with lots of funky color before i left. It was kind of fun and liberating.

(The back)

For my graduation yesterday i had Sammi Lewis do my hair and all manner of other services. When i was able to leave, My family, Jace, and Jace's family went to Applebees for a dinner celebration. :) The next few pictures are presents from the hunts. A subscription to hairstyle guide magazine!

A fun frame for my graduation certificate!

The COOLEST dustpan and broom!

These balloons were from Jeff and Melanie. They searched for a congrats balloon and all they could find was a great job and woo-hoo! Which i personally think is WAY better!

These flowers were from Melanie too. Shes so cute.

And my friend Tasha who graduated the week before me...stopped by and brought me this flowers. How sweet! I love them.

Okay everyone. The plan is to take my boards, get my license, find a job, and get prego. In that order :) If you ever want your hair done by me just message on here or give me a call. I'm doing it out of my home until i get a job at a salon. Loves to all!