Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I'M BORED! oh my goodness. I never ever ever never thought that i'd miss going to school everyday! But it gave me a purpose. I am kinda getting tired of sitting on my toosh all day. There is a quote from a movie that goes something like this "Give me work, give me purpose."

So...Random thoughts for a post today.

1. I love crafting...but it can be dangerous! i totally burned my thumb and then took half of the tip off on accident. OUCH.

2. I need to seriously lose some weight. Time to get my sexy back on.

3. I decided to bleach my own hair today...don't know how it looks yet. Guess we'll see.

4. Bleaching your own hair is surprisingly harder than i thought it'd be.

5. I also decided that i was going to put my hair in rollers to have some hot body hair. Forgot how much Velcro rollers itch!

6. I'M MELTING! seriously. its so hot still. please weather man, give me some good news in the near future?!

7. My niece started preschool this week. Hope shes having fun and not reeking TOO much havoc :)

8. Ned's Crazy subs...get in my belly!

9. Know what else i want in my belly?? a baby.

10. Jace and i have almost been married a year! woo-hoo!!!


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