Monday, October 4, 2010

Feelings...nothing more than feelings

Some times i look at all of my friends blogs...and see how crafty and talented they are and it makes me sad and mad at myself.

I dont take the time to think of putting together a "halloween tree"

or making dozens of adorable headbands

or baking cupcakes just because

or taking a zillion pictures and making art out of them

shoot, i'm so far behind in my scrapbooking i have piles of pictures waiting to even get looked through!

i havent sewed new pillow covers, or even put up all of the pictures in frames that i want to.


i did remember that i do other things well.
and as far as crafting...i did this little ditty the other day (picture to follow)
A make-shift shelve/fake mantle.

It was just the thing to spice up my wall and it is now the proud owner of my halloween/fall decorations! and at christmas it will be the perfect spot for our stockings.

Home depot wood...a little glossy spray paint...and a husband with a drill. AH. happiness.

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