Thursday, October 21, 2010

I need some...FUN!

I've been realizing lately that Jace and i have been doing what alot of married couple do.

Sure...lovin' on each other (duh!)

but also, we have allowed ourselves to get in a RUT.

When i was in high school my dad used to say to me, "Andi, you are in a RUT!" and i would reply with, "I am not! I just dont like change."

I thought that was an appropriate answer! life was full of crazy changes for awhile. Meeting Jace, a whirlwind romance, a new career path, a wedding, moving...all that jazz. and jace and i had FUN. my journal is full of hilarious adventures...and of course stories of how nothing goes quite as we plan. But that is our life and its hilarious to others. My brother Jeff kept saying that he'd just call me and ask how my weekend went if he needed a laugh. TRUE FACT!

Well...since i got down to the last few months of graduating i was super-di-duper stressed. And i allowed that to overshadow fun. In what world does this equation make sense??


NOT MINE! Then of course we were stressed out with bills graduated and now having to take my boards/finding a job...

(fun fact...i took my written part of boards today and PASSESD!)

And i was thinking back on all of the fun stuff that we used to do (or more like the funny stuff that would happen to us while we were together)
and i missed it. I want to just have fun. and laugh and be silly.

My husband probably thinks that the silly part of me died...but she is getting resurected today!

So, moral of this story?? GO HAVE FUN FOR ME!

and i'll join you

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  1. You are so cute! Im making Matt plan a fun should convince Jace!


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