Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lemony goodness


ever had costco's lemon cake??


best cake ever. no lie.

i'm considering getting a costco membership JUST so i can go buy that cake.
(jace supports that idea)

My mom brought it back from a funeral a few weeks ago...and i tasted it and it was like laced with some type of drug or something because i wanted to just keep going back. Addictive. for realz.

I gave Jace some...and you shouldve seen his face. It was like the heavens opened and he had never tasted food before. He even made this statement, "Dare I say, this has become my new favorite cake? It has surpassed red velvet even."

(Now if you dont know Jace, RV is his ABSOLUTE favorite cake. What he said could be considered blasphemous.)

I decided to scour the internets in hope of finding a recipe of a lemon cake that was as close to "the cake of perfection".

I found one. It looked close to what we ate.
and so my first attempt at baking a cake (and icing) from scratch! began.

It took way longer than i expected.
But apparently it was worth it.

Jace ate half of that cake in a day.
The rest of my family ate it almost as quick.

Awesome. Now i want to have a party just so i can make another one!
Behold the beauty:

Farewell, Aragog.

So, yeah. another harry potter psych out.

I just love (when aragog dies) how hagrid says his name and how the professor says "farewell aragog". The emotion hagrid shows is how i felt the other day.

And let me tell you why.

I bought my laptop my first year in college. It was my first major spend---something that my parents didnt pay a portion of. And it nearly killed me to spend as much as i did. But it was awesome. I used it as my TV in my room, and it helped me get through all of my tough college classes (and provided entertainment with facebook and solitare when i didnt feel like paying attention). She was a beaut.

When we got married, the phrase "whats mine is yours" took on a whole new meaning. See...i dont share well. Only girl syndrome, i suppose. And see...Jace came with practically nothing (materialistic) into our marriage (expect his xbox). So MY computer became OUR computer. And for the better part of a year and half it worked out just fine.

But Jace is an insurance agent now...and he needs a computer for work. So it ended up being gone all the time and i couldnt waste my time away on facebook, or watch hulu and get caught up on burn notice or castle. I was a little put out.
BUT it was for the good of our future. So i got over it. Or tried to is a better way to say that.

Now. About 2 weeks ago...i tried to get on the computer...and it wasnt working. And not being fluent in computer meant that I called my awesome cousin Mike. He spreakens the computers language.
He said to bring it over and he'd look at it. When he did he said there were 2 possible outcomes. Either my computer was dead ($$$$$) OR my hard drive was (tears because that would mean i LOST EVERYTHING I'VE DONE--PICTURES, TALKS, NOTES, RESUMES, ETC SINCE 2006). It was kind of a no-win situation.

and i was praying that it was the computer.

turns was the hard drive. ::head banging on desk; tears streaming down my cheeks::

but before we found that out, Jace needed a computer for work and so we bought this sleek baby:

Do you appreciate the irony? We spent money we didnt have on a computer because we were desperate and kind of hoping mine died. Instead we spent money we didnt have and now we have 2 laptops.

Oh well. We thank Mike for his time and wisdom, even if he gave me heart failure for a day or so.
and Jace is loving the new laptop.


My birthday was pretty awesome. (JUNE 15)
It was totally chill.
My mom told me to enjoy days like that because once i start having kids...chill days are far and few between.

My family totally loves me. Mom, Jace, Jeff, Joe, and Melanie all made special birthday signs for apartment was overflowing! I had balloons (a bunch left over from Jaces bday a month earlier and my mom got me a couple of new ones). My mom and dad gave me my hair dryer for my home salon! Its awesome and i've used it alot already. Jeff and Melanie gave me a pedicure voucher and Joe and Randy got me a book (they know me so well)!

The best present though came from Jace. He secretly was skimming his tip money and putting it away---saving it for me to buy my styling chair!!! His family chipped in and made the difference (which was awesome) and i FINALLY (yeah it took me forever) decided on what i wanted!

It came so QUICK! Seriously, 2 days! And my daddy came home from work and helped me put it together! I love it. Jace loves how it looks and he even sits in it from time to time, just because! Now i'm designing my business cards and i'll be almost completely good to go for doing hair at home!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The end is near...

No. I'm not talking about Harry Potter.
Although, that IS ending tonight at 12AM.

I'm talking about my blog challenge! I have no idea why it took me so long to finish it, i guess i got lazy, BUT. I AM FINISHING IT!

17. most recent picture of you and your significant other and what you love most about them :) and any other thoughts.

This was us, up at my families ranch over the 4th of July. I must say that i'm getting a little better about taking pictures--as in, we finally have some!

What i love most about Jace:
  • He is sweet
  • Kind
  • Honest
  • Will watch super girlie movies with me
  • Wants a family
  • He claims to only have 1 tickle-ish spot, but i've found more
  • Loves to make me laugh
  • Loves his and my family
  • Is starting his own business even though its hard and scary
  • Loves his nieces and nephew
  • His driving habits are changing--hes becoming a more responsible driver
  • He is so much taller than me--makes me feel safe. (Also good to hide behind during hide and seek)
  • Wants me to achieve my goals
  • Wants a home that we'll be in FOREVER!
  • Has our kids named already and refers to them often lol
  • He dances with me at random times
etc. etc.

I know that this is who the Lord wanted me to marry. I love Jace more every day, even though some days feel like a big challenge.
Here is to eternity my love!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Reality hit me like a ton of bricks to the face the other day.
No lie.
I felt like I needed to go to the hospital...or lie down and practice some yoga breathing or something.

We went to my families ranch for the 4th---it was fabulous! It even rained---which meant i could do one of my 25 before 25 things...which was to play in it AND take pictures of Jace and I.

And we did.

Jace started taking a video "for the kids".

Well guess what those kids are going to be seeing??



My neck has eaten my face. No lie.

I'm going on healthy overload people. You may have heard me say "oh I'm going to lose weight, I'm going to do better...blah blah blah."

I wasn't telling the truth. And you can know this by 2 reasons.
#1. I haven't lost any weight.
#2. I just told you i was lying.

Just sayin'.

I'm eating healthier now, I'm actually drinking water (unheard of!), and I'm going to be working out 6 days a week. Either swimming laps, or going to the gym. Its happening.

My children will NOT look back and think, "dude! she hadn't conceived us yet! there is no reason for her to look like shes pregnant!"
They wont!
(They wouldn't anyways, if my children were that rude I'd send them back)

So there you go.