Thursday, July 28, 2011


My birthday was pretty awesome. (JUNE 15)
It was totally chill.
My mom told me to enjoy days like that because once i start having kids...chill days are far and few between.

My family totally loves me. Mom, Jace, Jeff, Joe, and Melanie all made special birthday signs for apartment was overflowing! I had balloons (a bunch left over from Jaces bday a month earlier and my mom got me a couple of new ones). My mom and dad gave me my hair dryer for my home salon! Its awesome and i've used it alot already. Jeff and Melanie gave me a pedicure voucher and Joe and Randy got me a book (they know me so well)!

The best present though came from Jace. He secretly was skimming his tip money and putting it away---saving it for me to buy my styling chair!!! His family chipped in and made the difference (which was awesome) and i FINALLY (yeah it took me forever) decided on what i wanted!

It came so QUICK! Seriously, 2 days! And my daddy came home from work and helped me put it together! I love it. Jace loves how it looks and he even sits in it from time to time, just because! Now i'm designing my business cards and i'll be almost completely good to go for doing hair at home!

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