Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lemony goodness


ever had costco's lemon cake??


best cake ever. no lie.

i'm considering getting a costco membership JUST so i can go buy that cake.
(jace supports that idea)

My mom brought it back from a funeral a few weeks ago...and i tasted it and it was like laced with some type of drug or something because i wanted to just keep going back. Addictive. for realz.

I gave Jace some...and you shouldve seen his face. It was like the heavens opened and he had never tasted food before. He even made this statement, "Dare I say, this has become my new favorite cake? It has surpassed red velvet even."

(Now if you dont know Jace, RV is his ABSOLUTE favorite cake. What he said could be considered blasphemous.)

I decided to scour the internets in hope of finding a recipe of a lemon cake that was as close to "the cake of perfection".

I found one. It looked close to what we ate.
and so my first attempt at baking a cake (and icing) from scratch! began.

It took way longer than i expected.
But apparently it was worth it.

Jace ate half of that cake in a day.
The rest of my family ate it almost as quick.

Awesome. Now i want to have a party just so i can make another one!
Behold the beauty:

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  1. YUM! that looks amazing! can you please post the recipe??


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