Monday, January 30, 2017

Baby Lucy

Lucy is a very lucky baby. 

Her grandma contacted me and bought a newborn session for her!

Grandma came with mom and Lucy, and we had such a fun time with her sweet pink and cream photo shoot!!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Mommy/Daughter pictures

Cecilia (mom) contacted me wanting to do a mini shoot with her sweet 5 year old daughter.

As an only girl in a family of boys, I always loved when I got to do something special with just my mom. So when a chance comes to do a mommy/daughter shoot, I jump!

We chose to do them at the Mesa Temple. The grounds were so beautiful and green, and bonus! They were setting up their Christmas light displays!!

Thursday, January 26, 2017


I'm conflicted.

Right now, I am feeling a major NEED to PURGE.

Seriously, if it were possible, i think I'd sell most of our possessions and start over (with the exception of the paint color in most of the house. we JUST re-did that and I love it).

But I know thats not possible.

The inside of our home doesnt have very much storage space. There is one tiny hall closet that was just for linens that i have been trying to make work for a broom closet (hello, vacuum!) as well as games and linens. All other bedroom closets have been stacked full of important papers, old clothes that dont fit, old items from our pre-marriage days that we havent been able to part with, and nashs closet was chalk full of every item of clothing he has outgrown as well as every piece of baby "stuff" (infant car seat, baby bath tub, bouncer, music table, extra diapers he outgrew, teething toys etc) that we could cram in there.

We have a garage out in our backyard (i know weird!) and there is no access for an actual car. Its a HUGE space (that eventually will become our master bedroom/bathroom/closet--WAY down the road) that would be perfect for storage if there was a space to put things.

So, over Jace's PTO (paid time off) from work, I had him build me shelves for my garage. I drew up what I wanted and he went to work. They are dreamy and now I want more! (I'll post pictures as soon as I can get my garage put back together!)

I started putting things back in the garage that was already in there and realized that we needed to get rid of some stuff, especially because the goal was to clear out some much needed closet space IN the house.

So here comes the purge! I've been throwing away, trying to sell a few things, and have quite the collection to donate amasing. I have not been conflicted about ANYTHING...until I got to nash's closet.

Its no secret that I want more children. I long for the day when my arms are holding more babies and when Nash has siblings to play with. Most of his baby stuff will stay with the hope and goal of using them again in the not too distant (i hope!) future. It was super emotional for me. I cried about his tiny shoes. I had forgotten about his mobile. I found the millions of soothie binkies that I forgot we had. And then...the TOYS. I feel like we have a zillion toys and ONE child! I want to put everything i consider "baby" away....but now that he sees it, he keeps playing with them! I mean, more than his other toys! I know that he will forget about them once they are out of sight for awhile. But I mean, you shouldve seen his face when I bagged up some old toys that I told him were going to another little girl or boy to play with. It was like i took away his most favorite thing in the world!

So. I have been letting him play for the last two days with more toys I found. I've been going back and forth in my head--maybe i could leave them out for him to play with....and then THEY NEED TO GO NOW! Super conflicted. lol

Edited: If anyone is wondering, my purge desire has won out over sentimentality. I stuffed them all in a bag and it will be on its way out to the garage ASAP. :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Baby Cooper

Sweet Cooper finally came to see me!!

His mom had to keep rescheduling our session because he was NOT being born!! 

He was taking his own time to come, and finally on Halloween, he showed up.

Worth the wait, I'm sure his parents would agree :)

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Angela and Weston Engagements

Angela contacted me for a mini session this fall. 
She just said that her boyfriend and she had never had professional pictures done before.

When they arrived, and we talked for a little bit, I found out they were ENGAGED (wedding to be in January 2017), and they were using this as their engagement session!

They were so fun and easy to work with, and I wish them the very best of luck in their new life together!!

**funny story: I went to do ring shots and Angela stopped me. Turns out something happened to her ring and it was getting repaired!! So their engagement session had multiple shots of a fake ring. HA!


Wednesday, January 18, 2017


I seriously can not stop crying.

My hormones are once again all over the place. Thank you PCOS.

I'm on birth control again because I had to get put back on my blood pressure medication. (LONG STORY)

But geez. We took nash to the movie theater for the first time. I saw his wonder and excitement and I started tearing up. The movie Moana had me tearing up with the songs.

I watched undercover boss and sobbed for like 10 minutes at the end.

I had a long day and was expecting Jace home to help with Nash and he didnt tell me he was going to be late. I cried.

I just started sobbing while watching a 30 second video of a little girl getting her first kitty cat.

My head hurts!! My eyes are dry and itchy!!

Dang crying. LOL I legit am losing my mind.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Wilson Maternity Session

Mom to be, Aara, found me on facebook and booked a maternity mini session this past November. She and her husband arrived, and they were amazing to work with!! 

We shot at my favorite, "secret location", and we couldn't have asked for a better evening. The weather was great, the lighting was perfect, and you can see in the pictures--this family is super excited to be welcoming their first baby, a little boy.