Wednesday, January 18, 2017


I seriously can not stop crying.

My hormones are once again all over the place. Thank you PCOS.

I'm on birth control again because I had to get put back on my blood pressure medication. (LONG STORY)

But geez. We took nash to the movie theater for the first time. I saw his wonder and excitement and I started tearing up. The movie Moana had me tearing up with the songs.

I watched undercover boss and sobbed for like 10 minutes at the end.

I had a long day and was expecting Jace home to help with Nash and he didnt tell me he was going to be late. I cried.

I just started sobbing while watching a 30 second video of a little girl getting her first kitty cat.

My head hurts!! My eyes are dry and itchy!!

Dang crying. LOL I legit am losing my mind.

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