Wednesday, January 11, 2017


I only have 5 minutes until my pasta is done cooking....

so that's all the time I'm going to allow for this rant.

There was something on Facebook today that irked me. A LOT.

Someone made a joke about "beavers" and everyone went OFF on how hilarious it is...yatta yatta.

If you don't know, apparently people use the word beaver when talking about vaginas.


But there were over 30 comments on how hilarious it is, and how it makes them laugh. One talked about How I Met Your Mother. They have an entire episode dedicated to it, and because Robin is Canadian she is furious that they make it to be dirty (because the national animal of Canada is the beaver). But the "longer or more you watch it the funnier it is!!" and this is what the girls said. "I know a lot of LDS people don't like it because of the porn references but if you can look past it, it is a hilarious show".

Jace and I watched HIMYM all seasons...multiple times. We owned all the disks. Then i found out about Jace's porn addiction. Guess what? It was instantly NOT acceptable to "look past" that garbage. All our HIMYM seasons were broken and THROWN away. They were not welcome in my home and I couldn't bear the thought of sending that garbage into someone else's.

The problem with our society now is that we take things that are totally not acceptable and make them acceptable. Movies with vulgar language--we say, well it has 2 or 3 of these words, but other than that its a good movie! Shows or movies with sexually explicit or incredibly suggestive content-- we say, well if you can look past it, its great! Even restaurants are in-cringing on what is acceptable. Hooters--obviously. The tilted kilt--i just watched an undercover boss episode and the CEO was saying the outfits the girls wear are PG13 max, and he wants it to be a family pub. The girls wore a BRA with a cropped sleeve thing, complete trunk (from breasts to below navel) showing and mini skirts.

None of these things should be allowed. The porn industry has crept into every single thing. If we don't take a stance, where does that leave us?

One thing I need to get out shouldn't have to "look past" something if it goes against what you believe should be, when it comes to entertainment or the like. To everyone who thinks its just jokes and "just porn" (that's what a lot of people say, by the way)--ITS NOT. Its ruining people. Its ruining families. Its ruining lives.

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