Sunday, November 29, 2015

Troy and Casey

Troy is one of my very oldest friends. We have been in each others lives for 17 years. Troy is seriously one of the best people I know. He is someone I can always count on. Well, troy found Casey. And I love her!! I think she is just perfect for Troy. They compliment one another very well. Since they both currently reside in San Diego, we don't get to see much of them. The wedding is here in Mesa in March, but I was secretly hoping they would be down for Thanksgiving or Christmas so I could surprise them and take some fun pictures for them!! Luckily they did come for Thanksgiving and stayed just long enough for me to get to see them and take some pictures. 

I decided to do something different than I have, and take pictures at Riverview park in Mesa. It was on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and it was PACKED! However, the park is so big now, that even with a million people and dogs, we were able to get some great shots. 

I love capturing moments. I love the realness that comes through.
 I hope Troy and Casey love the pictures...because I do!!
Congrats Troy and Casey--cant wait to be at (and in!) your wedding!! Sure love you guys.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cooley Family

I'm so grateful to be able to have multiple jobs that I love! 
Being a mom and wife.
Being a hairstylist.
and Being a photographer.

It gives me great joy to make someone feel good about themselves or feel happy.

I don't know the Cooley family very well, but when we bought our house we moved into their ward. I am so happy that they trusted me with their family pictures! The parents are very sweet and those kids are just too cute!!! They were good sports. Especially after a series of events led to their shoot being an hour late. Their new baby is just about a month old and was so hungry and tired by the end. I think my favorite shots were the "real" ones of all the kids "being done" with the photo shoot. 

Thanks Cooleys!! Enjoy.

Friday, November 20, 2015


I'm writing this on my phone...we'll see how many things I'll have to fix on the computer later :)

I've been trying to be happier lately. It's been tough. We've got alot of real life problems going on that are no joke. But, there is a quote I love that says everyday may not be good, but there is something good in every day. And that is very true for me.

Nash is still hard. But he's also really fun. He is so smart. He talks so well.
 He's playing with you and a serious joy.

Yesterday I didn't deal well with the day. Nash was nonstop destructo boy and didn't take a nap. The only good thing to come of yesterday was that I bleached and colored my own hair. I was so over yesterday and could t wait for nash to go to bed. Then I felt guilty about feeling that way.

I woke up this morning swearing that today would be different.

 And it definitely wasn't as hard as yesterday. We had ups and downs but more fun. 
I appreciated today more.

We woke up and nash picked a movie to watch while I got him breakfast. Then he played with blocks and I read him books. I paid bills and returned emails. I got him dressed, myself dressed, put some makeup on and WENT OUTSIDE. we went to see jace at work as a surprise. Nash and I went out to barros for lunch. He decided to not take his nap until like an hour and a half past the start of naptime.  :( I went out and organized the whole garage and got our Christmas boxes out.

I had to wake nash up. He was starving. Dinner is cooking so I made him some left overs. We are currently watching Little Einsteins.

He's happy. I'm not unhappy. I haven't yelled today. He's only thrown 2 tantrums. Today most certainly was a better day. 

And there were lots of good moments. :)

Sunday, November 15, 2015

My first yard sale

Yesterday (November 14th) I had a yard sale.

It all started when we moved into this house in April. All of the sudden...we had SO. MUCH. STUFF. I'm not even kidding. and I'm embarrassed to say it took me about 5 months to realize why. For the 4 years previous (literally), about HALF of our possessions (other than furniture) was in bins and boxes and literally pushed, shoved, and stacked in our closets. Bags of clothes were in the trunks of our cars since we didnt have enough room. It was kinda ridiculous.

But then we moved into a house that could house ALL OF OUR STUFF. And a garage.

I cant believe what we have accumulated over 6 years and 1 baby. Its insane.

So i started gathering things out in the garage that were not being used, not needed, and in fact some things I forgot we owned completely (and didnt miss). I like our stuff, but i have been feeling the need to simplify my life a little. I dont want the stuff to overrun me--and i'd eventually love more children, which inevitibly means more STUFF.

As I collected things, we were preparing my parents home for the return of our missionary Joe. I felt that it would be the perfect time (since we were cleaning rooms out anyways) for my mom to go through that stuff and decide on what she NEEDED and what she could PART with.

Right then and there I decided to do my first yard sale.

I knew that I would be doing the majority of it myself. I knew it would be hard.

But holy cow. You dont actually understand what goes into those things (a nice, organized one at least) until you put one together.

For weeks, I would seal away to the garage during naptime or stay up until 1 in the morning to go clean items, sort into "like" boxes, and put price stickers on things. I researched yard sale ediquette and pricings, and how to handle hagglers, and all of that stuff. FOR HOURS. and HOURS. I made signs on the computer for everything, I started sorting clothes by sizes and hanging them accordingly. I asked my mom and great aunt to borrow tables, and my little brother went and picked them up and brought them to me. My father saw a big oil stain my carport and came over on his day off to clean it all up. My mom went into baking mode and made brownies, cookies, and muffins for my bake sale.

The morning of the 13th (nash had been diagnosed with a cold and ear infection making him...not very pleasant for a few days) I woke up for the 2nd? time that morning and was up for good by 8. Nash was all over the place, but seeming to be happy thanks to the medicine. I even got to leave him with my dad and brother so my mom could come with me for me to try on bridesmaid dresses (more on that later). Nash was late for his nap, but in good spirits. So then I decided to be insane and bake orange rolls for the bake sale. Nash woke up early and was impossible to contain/make happy while I tried to finish baking.

Jace came home and at 8 PM my child STILL had not had dinner. WHAT KIND OF MOTHER AM I?!? So we fed him, bathed him, played a little and that stinker didnt go to bed until 10 PM.


After he was down, I had Jace help me set up tables outside. Then I decided with how early I was going to be waking up, I'd need his help taking thing outside too. So we unloaded the garage out back and put it all out front. By this time it was midnight and Jace went to bed. I stayed out and got EVERYTHING on the tables displayed like i wanted. I backed my cars into the driveway and covered everything with sheets. My mom came over at 12:30 AM and dropped all the baked goods off. She didnt want me driving around to do signs by myself so she took me around. It was 1 AM when we got back. She stayed at my house while I did last minute things, and she got the hot chocolate ready for in the morning. She left at 1:45. I went to bed at 2 AM and didnt fall asleep until 3. I was awake at 5:45 AM getting the water boiling for hot chocolate. I dressed, and finished the hot chocolate by 6:30--START TIME.

Mom and Joe came at 6:40 AM and not a soul showed until 7 AM. It was slow until 8. Then from 8-11 AM it was a constant stream of people. (When Nash woke up at 8:45, Mom took him to her house so I could focus). I was still having people show up at 12 Noon, so I decided to extend my time. My last customer came at 3:30 PM. I started the clean up and pack up (everything not sold is getting donated) AND YOU GUYS.


Bottom line. I made about $350. I can only imagine if all of the stuff sold. Thank you to everyone that helped especially my mom, dad, and brother Joe. I really couldnt have done it without them.


I'm never having another yard sale again. The end.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Wilcken Family

I love getting to meet new people with my business...but there is just something about working with family and loved ones that makes me so happy!! My cousin Becky and her family are very dear to my heart. Becky has always been more of a sister to me than a cousin. According to her, their last family pictures were about 3 years ago. Their 3rd baby was only a year and a half and they didnt have their little caboose baby yet!

The Gilbert Temple is beautiful. I have only been once (i was super pregnant and being wheeled around in a wheelchair) so I was happy to go back for this shoot!! It was SO busy!! In the short time I was there I watched 4 couples walk out after getting married. :) 

I loved spending time with their family. They are seriously the cutest ever.