Monday, November 2, 2015

Tenney Family

I have known Jimmy for basically my whole life. We have been good friends since we were 13 though. I love this little family. 

Jimmy and Bre got married 2 months after me and Jace and we both struggle with infertility issues. 
They went a different route though to get their family...they became foster parents!!! I cant even imagine going from no kids, to 4 kids (and one has special needs)!!! They are rockstars in my book!! 

The adoption date is set for 2 of the kids and it looks like the other 2 will follow soon after. 
It makes my heart happy.

Jimmy wanted to have an "outdoorsy" feeling for their shoot. I gave them multiple ideas and then we decided on fountain hills. This is a gem of a city. Small town feeling with such a welcoming community and GREAT park!! I absolutely love that fountain/lake/ducks. 

It was a Saturday morning with quite the windstorm going--we were juggling the wind, clouds moving every 30 seconds, passerbys, dogs, as well as the Frisbee discs flying at us from guys playing an intense game of Frisbee golf. 

Their kids are so fun to be around. Such little personalities!! 

Love the duck in the background.

Jimmy is a dad to mostly girls. How crazy is that?!?

This was going on while I was shooting Jimmy and Bre. This little girls playing together. <3 p="">

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