Friday, November 20, 2015


I'm writing this on my phone...we'll see how many things I'll have to fix on the computer later :)

I've been trying to be happier lately. It's been tough. We've got alot of real life problems going on that are no joke. But, there is a quote I love that says everyday may not be good, but there is something good in every day. And that is very true for me.

Nash is still hard. But he's also really fun. He is so smart. He talks so well.
 He's playing with you and a serious joy.

Yesterday I didn't deal well with the day. Nash was nonstop destructo boy and didn't take a nap. The only good thing to come of yesterday was that I bleached and colored my own hair. I was so over yesterday and could t wait for nash to go to bed. Then I felt guilty about feeling that way.

I woke up this morning swearing that today would be different.

 And it definitely wasn't as hard as yesterday. We had ups and downs but more fun. 
I appreciated today more.

We woke up and nash picked a movie to watch while I got him breakfast. Then he played with blocks and I read him books. I paid bills and returned emails. I got him dressed, myself dressed, put some makeup on and WENT OUTSIDE. we went to see jace at work as a surprise. Nash and I went out to barros for lunch. He decided to not take his nap until like an hour and a half past the start of naptime.  :( I went out and organized the whole garage and got our Christmas boxes out.

I had to wake nash up. He was starving. Dinner is cooking so I made him some left overs. We are currently watching Little Einsteins.

He's happy. I'm not unhappy. I haven't yelled today. He's only thrown 2 tantrums. Today most certainly was a better day. 

And there were lots of good moments. :)

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