Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Baby Alexander

Baby Alex is 4 weeks old.

Baby Alex is adorable with the squishiest cheeks and best double chin I've seen in quite some time.

I was able to do a newborn session and a family session with Baby Alexander's family today.
He and his brother Gustavo were so cute, and I have so many pictures that I just love!!

The crocheted blanket was made by Alex's grandma when she had Alex's daddy!

I love my job.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hunt Reunion--Deer Springs Ranch

The Hunt reunion is the weekend after my family's reunion. It worked out very nicely this year. Jace got 9 days off (thank you PTO!) and came to the cabin on the 3rd. We stayed until the 6th (nash and I had been there since the 1st). We had one day at home. I had a newborn shoot in the morning and then we did laundry, cleaned out the car, and repacked for Utah. We left the next afternoon.

The reunion wasnt always held at Deer Springs Ranch...just before Kanab Utah. But that is where its been since before we got married 7 years ago. Grandpa Hunt has his cows there (longhorns) and its a good "middle ground" for everyone. Us hunts come from Mesa, and other hunts are in northern Utah.

The last 2 years, we've managed to go. We havent been super consistent because of work schedules. Jace didnt use to be able to take ANY time off in July. That changed last year. I didnt use to be a stay at home mom/my own boss and that changed last year too. 
We have alot more freedom with our schedules now.

2 years ago, Nash was just 14 months old and barely walking when we went. He hated his carseat and it took us 2 extra hours to get to the reunion because of having to stop. This year...nash is over 2. We went out and bought a portable DVD player and 3 DVD's of his favorite show (Tom and Jerry) and he was content for most of the ride. We still took our time and stopped twice for him (and us!) to stretch our legs, but it wasnt an unbearable trip like last time!.

The weather was on the warmer side, but not too bad with the consistent wind we had. 
Almost everyone was there. We were missing a couple cousins (one had just had a baby, another is really pregnant, and one was getting ready to move across the country!) We did alot of sitting outside enjoying the quiet (and lots of yelling/giggling/crying noises from the kids), and chatting.

 One night the family played their infamous game "deer" (intense hide and seek), there was lots of star gazing, another night we stayed up late around a campfire and told embarrassing stories. Saturday held the annual "auction". Sunday we had a baby blessing and our testimony meeting. Intermingled with the "usual" was lots of yummy food (my toddler ONLY would eat chips--of course), a rook tournament, jeff and jace playing guitars and having a sing a long, a ball pit for the little kids (thanks to april and autumn), and a water balloon toss. 

 Oh my goodness...this is alot of pictures. Oh well. My blog.

I also took quick pictures just before everyone started leaving to go home. The lighting was super tricky. It was a bad time of day for pictures and the light was filtering through the trees funny. HOWEVER it was now or never, so we decided on NOW. 
The memories are good, even though the lighting is wonkey. :)

Nash learned how to climb out of the pack n play at our cabin, but I removed the mattress thinking that would keep him in there. NOPE! I walked up the stairs after "naptime" only to discover his pack n play empty, his clothes on the floor, and a naked toddler looking for me in the next room. 
this kid.

Nash played with his cousins, ran around like crazy, played in the dirt, drove trucks around the pathways, and saw all the animals--even watched a goat get milked! (he was not interested). 
The cows were his favorite though and now asks to go see the cows all the time. Good thing we live close to Lehi here in Mesa and can go see livestock! 

It was a short trip with 2 very long car rides and really long days since Nash didnt nap. 
But it is always so good to see family and spend time connecting with those we dont get to see often. 
Until next reunion!