Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Adoption is beautiful

My good friend Jimmy and his wife are foster parents. They have been so amazing. The went from no kids, to 4!, and then even added in a 5th after a bit. They really are incredible and I love that I get to hear all about everything going on with them, and chat a bit, when I do their hair. :)

Back in October of last year, I took some family photos for remember the kids they have had at that point in their lives. They had just gotten the word that the 2 youngest (Brody and Hayden) were going to be able to be adopted into their family!! So I took this picture for them to announce the adoption in January:

and oh my!! was that a happy day!!
the only thing that could have made it sweeter was if the 2 older sisters were able to be adopted into their family as well...but it wasnt time for them.

Fast forward to last month. I had gotten a call from Bre that she and the girls needed hair cuts. Nothing out of the ordinary there...until she said "because we have an adoption date!" Oh happy happy happy!!! So Cozette and Madison came over; and when I was done with their hair we took this picture:

Those girls then got to get baptized and then the whole family got sealed to one another!! They are all now a family--FOREVER!! I'm so happy for Jimmy and Bre. What a wonderful thing!

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