Wednesday, September 26, 2012


My celebrity crush is Hugh Jackman.

Jace knows this.

And hes okay with it, because he loves Wolverine.

And we both love good, tender, make-you-feel-something music.


My heart stopped.

Please take the few minutes to watch this.

You wont be sorry.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Welp...i feel stupid.

This last week i have:

Somehow lost our remote to the TV.
**its in our apartment SOME where**

Got a ticket from stupid downtown Mesa for parking 3 hours in a 2 hour slot.
**i hate the DMA (downtown mesa association)**

Misplaced BOTH my drivers license AND debit card after i went to the bank and made a deposite.
**pretty sure they are in the car or at my moms house on her counter SOME where**

When i called WellsFargo to report my lost card and get a new one, the guy actually LAUGHED at me.
**totally unprofessional dude!**

Almost killed our hamster by dehydration.
**we got her a new water bottle and she cant figure out how to use it. poor thing has been lethargic**

I swear I have never felt this inept. Awesome.
**sarcasm on the "awesome" part**

Friday, September 21, 2012

2 years...

Since i graduated Cosmetology school. 



Where did the time go!?! 

I didn't even remember that today marks the day. I was going through some old blog posts and i found one celebrating my graduation. Holy cow.

I feel like Cosmetology school was FOREVER ago.

Jace and I talked about it the other night actually. 

Since I've graduated cosmo school here is just a TIDBIT of what has transpired in our life:

*we moved
*i got my license
*we lost one of our cars
*jace quit his job
*jace got a job at UPS
*jace got a job at pizza hut
*i got a job at a salon
*i quit my job at the salon
*i got a job at gunnell's
*jace quit pizza hut
*jace got a job with farmers
*jace got a job with papa johns
*we bought a car
*jace's parents went on a mission
*we moved them and josh and jamie and logan into jeff and mindy's
*jeff and melanie had a baby
*we moved josh and jamie into their new home
*we moved logan into his new home
*we moved again
*jace quit farmers
*jace quit papa johns
*jace got a job for wells fargo

Seriously people...that is just a small sampling. No joke.

And even though Cosmetology school seems like a lifetime ago, i'm grateful that i did it. I probably wouldnt do it again now if i had the choice. But i now am able to help others out, and i actually ENJOY doing hair... something that i didnt think that i would. I also made a good friend in school (Rachel), i got to be good friends with a few instructors there, and I now am not afraid of having little girls and not knowing how to do their hair. :)

My goal after graduation consisted of 4 things:
1. graduate
2. get my license
3. get a job at a salon
4. get pregnant.

1-3 are done....lets get cracking on that 4th one! :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

2 weeks worth of instagrams...

Not very many, but pictures on this blog have been rare lately.

My oldest brother Randy turned 34! Holy Cow. We celebrated his birthday and labor day at the cabin. It was a nice break from the heat/humidity we had here in the valley.

I was craving banana bread and a lady who just moved into our ward (who lives in our complex as well as her husband being jaces home teaching comp) had another baby! So i used this as an excuse to bake and take some over to her!

Throwback! This was me after I had graduated high school. In Montana holding my grandpa's dog zoey. Horrible picture quality from my first phone EVER (i didnt get one till i graduated high school and could afford one).

Date night! We went to miss lily's baptism, saw the odd life of timothy green (we loved it), went to happy hour at applebees, and giggled as we watched youtube videos. Good times.

It was National Grandparents Day! I was thinking about them all week and of course i totally forgot to send the cards on time. Better late than never!

We went shopping for birthday presents for our nieces Alyssandra and Jane. (1 and 2 months early, but what are you going to do? i was in the zone) and we found this gem...we are teaching our girls to aspire to be beauticians. I'm a cosmetologist myself, so I can say this: Is that REALLY what we want to do?! I found it hilarious and died laughing.

Sock bun! Also, i am beyond overdue for a regrowth has taken over my head.

The AC was out in JUST the Relief Society room at church. I got so hot that it physically made me ill. I spent the last 15 minutes of church sitting in the foyer cooling down.

And last but not least, our youngest niece Jane. Who is DYING to be walking...and trying to stand up on her own. Jace took this picture...she was looking through her legs at me--and it was hilarious.

Things I'm good at Tuesday

Round 2.

#1. I love to smile (smiling is my favorite)

#2. I inherited pretty blue eyes from both of my parents.

#3. I get things done....FAST!

#4. I am actually pretty good at interior decorating (my house at least!)

#5. I can clean windows/mirrors and leave NO STREAKS. Something my mom made me do-over a zillion times growing up if it was streaky.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I am emotional.

I am a girl that cries when someone else cries.

I am a girl that sees a newborn and cries.

I am a girl that hears beautiful music and cries.

I am a girl that reads something that touches her heart and cries.

I am the girl that sees a movie with touching scenes and cries.

and on this day...

a day that 11 years ago united a nation...

i am a wreck. 

thank you to all who sacrificed themselves for others.

and to all those who lost someone they cared about...i want you to know that i am truly sorry for your loss but i KNOW that you will see them again.

i will never forget.

Friday, September 7, 2012

a Friday's Favorite!

So i woke up this morning greeted by the horrifying, annoying, BLASTING noise of a severe flood warning for my area. Thank you Droid phone...

The weather app I have, designated that today was starting off "dreary" (i'm not making this up).

I got dressed, put minimal makeup on and then got a text from my co-worker who was at school in east EAST mesa....
"this storm is CRAZY!"

cue my jumping up and down and running to open my living room blinds.

I pretty much LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about ARIZONA when it rains. 

The cool-down of at least 30 degrees (its still in the mid 70's so its not cold)...

The way there are people out WATCHING the rain...because its quite the phenomenon here, 
dont 'cha know

The way the Arizona desert positively SPARKLES after a good cleanse as well as all of the wild life tend to come out to enjoy.

The way the Arizona mountains smell. Its one of my VERY favorite things...

Somedays, when it rains, its fleeting. Like i went to the bathroom to wash my hands and i missed the rain kind of fleeting.

Or somedays the sun is shining high in the sky while it rains for a few minutes...and then 20 minutes later the sun has dried whatever evidence of rain away. Like it never happened.

But my favorite is when you can see the storm building...the lightening shows are spectacular. The waiting for the thunder and counting to see how far away the middle of the storm is.

And then the miracle of when the storm is able to break free...and turn our skies "dreary", and be going for more than a half hour. The kind when i can walk from my car 200 feet away from my job and get JUST enough wet to ALMOST satisfy my NEED to go run around in it...and the kind that picks up in intensity JUST as i HAVE TO go out in it to put up a sandwich board sign...and get SOAKED.

Today...Arizona has blessed us with wonderful weather my friends. 
(and horrible drivers, so be careful!)

Also, to Marni and Richie who are getting married right now...i'm sorry!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Enjoying NOW.

I've talked and joked about how i have a little bit of OCD.

Its not a real problem, but not an exaggeration either.

I like to have my home picked up and clean. Its a must before we go on any type of vacation...even if its just a weekend like over Labor day.

I also like to PLAN. I love to make LISTS. I love to ORGANIZE.

And in all honesty...this is not a bad thing, right?

Ha ha, well, what happens is that I find myself either taking too much on myself (I'm in charge of planning my church's relief society nights aka enrichment)---for more on my church go here:

or I take on a highly AMBITIOUS goal of redo-ing ALL of my family directories/birthday lists...(its taken 3 months, but i am finally done!)

or I find myself getting WAY ahead of myself when it comes to decorating...or gifts for birthday's or Christmas.

Our second year of marriage I decorated for Halloween at the beginning of Sept, only to find myself starting to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving!!! Poor Thanksgiving...getting skipped over like that.

So this year, i'm trying to restrain myself. 

I'm doing little projects here and there for the holiday's...making garlands and silly little things like that. But my house is not filled with pumpkins and bats (those are my favorite things to decorate with at halloween), and i dont have a new wreath up on my door...just yet. 

Yes, i did start to ask my in-laws who has who for Christmas yesterday...i'm taking it one step at a time folks. :)

I'm trying to enjoy the time we have RIGHT NOW. Because this is the only time our life is going to be like this. Just us, making huge life decisions HAND IN HAND. We are a TEAM. Jace and I are kinda loving where we are at RIGHT NOW. He is in a job that he LOVES! He just got promoted and is making more money. We love our home. Yes, its an apartment, but its as big as some houses and it doesn't feel small to us. We have a plan to get out of debt in the next year or so. We are talking about being able to switch our insurance up so i can go into a fertility specialist. We have gotten to go up to the cabin multiple times this year. We are celebrating 3 years of marriage next month. We are happy. 


And RIGHT NOW...thats kind of awesome.