Friday, September 7, 2012

a Friday's Favorite!

So i woke up this morning greeted by the horrifying, annoying, BLASTING noise of a severe flood warning for my area. Thank you Droid phone...

The weather app I have, designated that today was starting off "dreary" (i'm not making this up).

I got dressed, put minimal makeup on and then got a text from my co-worker who was at school in east EAST mesa....
"this storm is CRAZY!"

cue my jumping up and down and running to open my living room blinds.

I pretty much LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about ARIZONA when it rains. 

The cool-down of at least 30 degrees (its still in the mid 70's so its not cold)...

The way there are people out WATCHING the rain...because its quite the phenomenon here, 
dont 'cha know

The way the Arizona desert positively SPARKLES after a good cleanse as well as all of the wild life tend to come out to enjoy.

The way the Arizona mountains smell. Its one of my VERY favorite things...

Somedays, when it rains, its fleeting. Like i went to the bathroom to wash my hands and i missed the rain kind of fleeting.

Or somedays the sun is shining high in the sky while it rains for a few minutes...and then 20 minutes later the sun has dried whatever evidence of rain away. Like it never happened.

But my favorite is when you can see the storm building...the lightening shows are spectacular. The waiting for the thunder and counting to see how far away the middle of the storm is.

And then the miracle of when the storm is able to break free...and turn our skies "dreary", and be going for more than a half hour. The kind when i can walk from my car 200 feet away from my job and get JUST enough wet to ALMOST satisfy my NEED to go run around in it...and the kind that picks up in intensity JUST as i HAVE TO go out in it to put up a sandwich board sign...and get SOAKED.

Today...Arizona has blessed us with wonderful weather my friends. 
(and horrible drivers, so be careful!)

Also, to Marni and Richie who are getting married right now...i'm sorry!

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  1. I'm jealous. I miss the Arizona rain. We were video conferencing with your campus in Phoenix and they were talking about it I wanted to get in my car and race down there.


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