Tuesday, September 18, 2012

2 weeks worth of instagrams...

Not very many, but pictures on this blog have been rare lately.

My oldest brother Randy turned 34! Holy Cow. We celebrated his birthday and labor day at the cabin. It was a nice break from the heat/humidity we had here in the valley.

I was craving banana bread and a lady who just moved into our ward (who lives in our complex as well as her husband being jaces home teaching comp) had another baby! So i used this as an excuse to bake and take some over to her!

Throwback! This was me after I had graduated high school. In Montana holding my grandpa's dog zoey. Horrible picture quality from my first phone EVER (i didnt get one till i graduated high school and could afford one).

Date night! We went to miss lily's baptism, saw the odd life of timothy green (we loved it), went to happy hour at applebees, and giggled as we watched youtube videos. Good times.

It was National Grandparents Day! I was thinking about them all week and of course i totally forgot to send the cards on time. Better late than never!

We went shopping for birthday presents for our nieces Alyssandra and Jane. (1 and 2 months early, but what are you going to do? i was in the zone) and we found this gem...we are teaching our girls to aspire to be beauticians. I'm a cosmetologist myself, so I can say this: Is that REALLY what we want to do?! I found it hilarious and died laughing.

Sock bun! Also, i am beyond overdue for a highlight...my regrowth has taken over my head.

The AC was out in JUST the Relief Society room at church. I got so hot that it physically made me ill. I spent the last 15 minutes of church sitting in the foyer cooling down.

And last but not least, our youngest niece Jane. Who is DYING to be walking...and trying to stand up on her own. Jace took this picture...she was looking through her legs at me--and it was hilarious.

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