Friday, September 21, 2012

2 years...

Since i graduated Cosmetology school. 



Where did the time go!?! 

I didn't even remember that today marks the day. I was going through some old blog posts and i found one celebrating my graduation. Holy cow.

I feel like Cosmetology school was FOREVER ago.

Jace and I talked about it the other night actually. 

Since I've graduated cosmo school here is just a TIDBIT of what has transpired in our life:

*we moved
*i got my license
*we lost one of our cars
*jace quit his job
*jace got a job at UPS
*jace got a job at pizza hut
*i got a job at a salon
*i quit my job at the salon
*i got a job at gunnell's
*jace quit pizza hut
*jace got a job with farmers
*jace got a job with papa johns
*we bought a car
*jace's parents went on a mission
*we moved them and josh and jamie and logan into jeff and mindy's
*jeff and melanie had a baby
*we moved josh and jamie into their new home
*we moved logan into his new home
*we moved again
*jace quit farmers
*jace quit papa johns
*jace got a job for wells fargo

Seriously people...that is just a small sampling. No joke.

And even though Cosmetology school seems like a lifetime ago, i'm grateful that i did it. I probably wouldnt do it again now if i had the choice. But i now am able to help others out, and i actually ENJOY doing hair... something that i didnt think that i would. I also made a good friend in school (Rachel), i got to be good friends with a few instructors there, and I now am not afraid of having little girls and not knowing how to do their hair. :)

My goal after graduation consisted of 4 things:
1. graduate
2. get my license
3. get a job at a salon
4. get pregnant.

1-3 are done....lets get cracking on that 4th one! :)

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