Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Enjoying NOW.

I've talked and joked about how i have a little bit of OCD.

Its not a real problem, but not an exaggeration either.

I like to have my home picked up and clean. Its a must before we go on any type of vacation...even if its just a weekend like over Labor day.

I also like to PLAN. I love to make LISTS. I love to ORGANIZE.

And in all honesty...this is not a bad thing, right?

Ha ha, well, what happens is that I find myself either taking too much on myself (I'm in charge of planning my church's relief society nights aka enrichment)---for more on my church go here:

or I take on a highly AMBITIOUS goal of redo-ing ALL of my family directories/birthday lists...(its taken 3 months, but i am finally done!)

or I find myself getting WAY ahead of myself when it comes to decorating...or gifts for birthday's or Christmas.

Our second year of marriage I decorated for Halloween at the beginning of Sept, only to find myself starting to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving!!! Poor Thanksgiving...getting skipped over like that.

So this year, i'm trying to restrain myself. 

I'm doing little projects here and there for the holiday's...making garlands and silly little things like that. But my house is not filled with pumpkins and bats (those are my favorite things to decorate with at halloween), and i dont have a new wreath up on my door...just yet. 

Yes, i did start to ask my in-laws who has who for Christmas yesterday...i'm taking it one step at a time folks. :)

I'm trying to enjoy the time we have RIGHT NOW. Because this is the only time our life is going to be like this. Just us, making huge life decisions HAND IN HAND. We are a TEAM. Jace and I are kinda loving where we are at RIGHT NOW. He is in a job that he LOVES! He just got promoted and is making more money. We love our home. Yes, its an apartment, but its as big as some houses and it doesn't feel small to us. We have a plan to get out of debt in the next year or so. We are talking about being able to switch our insurance up so i can go into a fertility specialist. We have gotten to go up to the cabin multiple times this year. We are celebrating 3 years of marriage next month. We are happy. 


And RIGHT NOW...thats kind of awesome.


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