Monday, September 24, 2012

Welp...i feel stupid.

This last week i have:

Somehow lost our remote to the TV.
**its in our apartment SOME where**

Got a ticket from stupid downtown Mesa for parking 3 hours in a 2 hour slot.
**i hate the DMA (downtown mesa association)**

Misplaced BOTH my drivers license AND debit card after i went to the bank and made a deposite.
**pretty sure they are in the car or at my moms house on her counter SOME where**

When i called WellsFargo to report my lost card and get a new one, the guy actually LAUGHED at me.
**totally unprofessional dude!**

Almost killed our hamster by dehydration.
**we got her a new water bottle and she cant figure out how to use it. poor thing has been lethargic**

I swear I have never felt this inept. Awesome.
**sarcasm on the "awesome" part**

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