Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Our Journey Part 24

After long talks, discussions with my parents, fasting, prayer, and trips to the temple we finally decided to try ONE more IUI.

During this time I felt myself inwardly changing. I knew that i would be a mother someday. Be it with a biolgical child or an adopted child. I knew that my desire was a rightous one. I also knew that I hadn't yet just totally accepted God's will for me. My prayers had always been "please bless us to get pregnant...", but now they became "please bless us to get pregnant...however if it is not thy will, please help us accept this, and be strong, and learn to move forward."
As soon as I started adopting a more "Thy will be done" attitude...i just felt different. Happier. More like, "its not in my hands! and who's better hands to be in than the Lords?"
So. We moved forward with the IUI.

There was another procedure that my doctor wanted to try called a disruption. That combined with the fact that I had been on birth control the month before, and an extra and new medication during my next cycle in conjunction with my "regular" medicine (femara, metformin, follistem (hormone shot), and ovidrel) doctor thought that maybe THAT would do the trick.

We thought that seeing that this would be our 6th IUI (more than people normally do), and after having surgery, hormones, IUI's, and extra procedures...that if I didnt get pregnant with this, then I wouldnt get pregnant with IUI's alone. Our options then would be IVF or adoption.

We told our doctor as such, and once my cycle started up we went forward with everything. 

Lots of prayers. Lots of fasting. Lots of trips to the temple. 
Lots of hoping. Hoping, hoping, hoping.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A friend

Through some very interesting circumstances, I have made a very dear friend.
Her husband and his group sang at Time Out for Women last year, and somehow I found his wife's blog.
I think that this family is AMAZING. They have beautiful children, and have gone through struggles and trials that I myself, can not imagine.
Her blog is about her daily miracles.
And it strengthens me. Every day.
She has been such a strength from afar (they are in Florida now) and I've never even met her!! She has shared her testimony with me, she has reached out to me when I have felt my worst.
She had a cancer scare this last week and found out today that she is cancer FREE.
I cant stop smiling/crying. I love this dear woman very much. Even though we havent met, or heard one another's voices, I have made a dear, dear friend. And I am so very grateful that she is healthy.
Sure love you Rachel!! (Daily Miracles)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Musings...

a random collection of thoughts currently going through my mind:

  • i'm having a good hair day...and its wasted sitting here in an empty office.
  • dang did i end up being 1 of the 2 people who showed up for work out of 5?
  • i've been trying to eat better, but i'm getting bored of the same old things.
  • happy birthday to my SIL jamie @Godzillapete! hope you are enjoying your kid-free day!
  • i seriously am envious of everyone who is getting to enjoy the low 70's weather in the valley right now :( boo on having to work!
  • i seriously am ready for this month to be over. next month we have a TON going on.
  • my brother is going to have brain surgery on the 1st...thats really scary :/
  • my baby brother then is going to leave for 2 years, 2 weeks after our big brother's surgery.
  • our 4 year anniversary is the day before my baby brother while we normally go up to our cabin for a long weekend--we wont be going anywhere this year :( we have absolutely no idea what to do for our anniversary now.
  • the shoes i am wearing STINK! i need to figure out how to fix the stinky-ness.
  • i am now decorated for fall/halloween. i say that its okay since its now technically "fall".
  • i keep re-organizing my house...and its driving me crazy because its never ending!!
  • i did NOT drink enough water do you make sure you drink enough during the day? i need suggestions.
  • the end.

Friday, September 20, 2013

FRIDAY!!! can i get an amen?

oh my goodness. this work week is almost over...FINALLY! its been a long one.

inspired today by Ashley @ littlemissmomma ...

Making : My first ever Chalk Board!
Cooking : Baking actually. When i get home i am baking banana bread!
Drinking : Water...trying to be better!
Reading: Freefall
Wanting: Cooler weather to be here.
Looking: Dreaming of when we'll own a house and thereby can get a dog :)
Playing: With paint!
Wasting: Time on Pinterest. Obviously. and the lettuce i accidentally left out for 2 days :(
Sewing: nothing. i'm pathetic!
Wishing: We were on vacation and I didnt need to be in a full time office job.
Enjoying: A cool AC in my office and an amazingly comfy pair of jeans.
Waiting: For  Oct. 1st, Oct. 15th, and Oct. 16th. Insanity.
Liking: Peanut Butter and Celery...or Peanut Butter and Green Apples. delicious.
Wondering: ...just wondering.
Loving: NCIS, Castle, New Girl, and the Office. (Rewatching Office right now...and just finished NCIS season 10)
Hoping: For a precious little miracle!!!
Marveling: At the love and patience my Father in Heaven has for me!
Needing: A girls night. Good thing next Saturday i get to spend it with my momma!
Smelling: my sugar lemon fizz hand sanitizer!
Wearing: leopard shirt, comfy jeans, and red suede flats. boom.
Noticing: That I’m growing up--and leaving more up to the Lord.
Thinking: About what needs to get done.
Knowing: That the list I have on my whiteboard will never ever be "done"...
Focusing: On kind words, friends who reach out, sweet stories of faith and reminding myself to live for today.
Bookmarking: Fall projects, Christmas deorating tips and favorite new quotes for my quote wall.
Opening: A granola bar from my office drawer.
Feeling:  Hopeful.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hair specials

Hey everyone,
So, I've taken a bit of a break from doing hair in the last 6 months since i havent felt very good
and i started a new full time job.
However, i'm realizing that i miss it!
I would like to start getting back into a bit, and so starting Oct. through Dec.
I am offering the following specials:

Updos!!!--regularly $40 for half up/half down, and $50 for completely up--SPECIAL $30 either!!

Women--regularly $20--SPECIAL $10
Men--regularly $15--SPECIAL $10
Children--(trims/buzz cuts)--regularly $10--SPECIAL $5

Full Color--regularly $50-70--SPECIAL $40

Partial--regularly $35--SPECIAL $30
Full--regularly $55-75--SPECIAL $45-60

30 minute pedicure--regularly $20--SPECIAL $15
45 minute pedicure--regularly $25--SPECIAL $20

Now, at the moment my time is limited to Tuesday-Friday evenings (after 6), and Saturdays.
All services are done out of my home in a relaxed environment. Please feel free to contact me via blog, email (, or by phone (text is fine as well) #480-296-9693.
The holiday's are coming everyone!! Lets get ready and look our best for them!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Our Journey Part 23

Previous posts here

It sounds crazy to say this but the next few weeks were really nice--in the sense of I felt kinda normal. I wasnt pumping myself full of hormones...or taking extra medication to grow follicles. I was on no timeline. I wasnt thinking about whether or not I was pregnant.

However...towards the end of the 4th week after we decided to take a break, Jace's sister (who we gave our fertility doctors information to) called us to let us know that on their first try, they were pregnant. 

To say we were in a deep dark pit of despair would be an understatement. It was so hard...because while we were devestated, we wanted to be happy for her and her husband.

The problem was...I couldnt get it out of my head all that i found "wrong" with the news:

We had been trying just as long as they had.
We have spent thousands and thousands more than they had.
I had gone through multiple surgeries, and many, many IUI's where she only did one.
It was MY Doctor that got her pregnant.

It did nothing to help the fact that everyone was so happy and excited for her and no one thought to see how I reacted to the news...or my poor husband for that matter. (and i understand they were being happy and thoughtful of her---dont get me wrong.)

Unfortunately my family was up in the mountains, so a phone call to my mom to help soothe me was all I got. 

Jace and I had a rough go for the next week or so...and then we were going to have to make a decision on whether or not to try again or wait...or IVF...or who knows. It was not something we were looking forward to.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rare day

I've commented before how rare it is that Jace and I have the same day off.

Since I started at ITC I have Saturday's off.

Jace, at the bank, gets a random day of the week off.

Lately its been such a bummer with our new schedules we dont see much of each other.
(I go to work before him most days, and then he doesnt get home till 730 or 8 at night. We eat dinner, then i promptly fall asleep by 930.)

So. When i realized that TODAY we both have off I got super excited. I had this whole list planned. Jace had other plans (sleeping in was his main focus of course). Hahaha, so now at 10:40 AM he is FINALLY AWAKE and maybe we can start attacking my list.

However, I'm sure its going to be a fun day regardless. :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I feel like i've done A LOT of complaining on this poor old blog as of late.
Some of you may have noticed that I changed the "title" of it from "The Hunts" to "Blessed" a few months back.
And that is because, I am, in all actuallity, VERY VERY BLESSED in my life.
I have a wonderful, loving, caring, supportive husband.
I have a great family who is always there when I need someone.
I have a good job, at decent pay, and very nice co-workers.
I have 2 working cars. (even though one of them is literally being held together by duct tape...)
I have a comfortable apartment with plenty of room that really does feel like a home.
I have wonderful ladies in my church who care about me and ask how I'm doing.
I have great callings in my church as well...that are hard and scary and push me to be better.
I have people who reach out to me through this blog...that I havent seen in so long, or some EVER. They encourage me. They give me some of their faith when I feel like mine may be lacking.
I have good health.
I have a doctor and his staff who are hopeful and helpful.
I have a loving Heavenly Father and elder Brother.
I have SO MUCH to be grateful for...and I know personally it is hard to see all the good through the muck of everyday life and hard trials.
 But wow. I am so blessed. I really am.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Our Journey Part 22

read previous posts here 

We were devastated. And by we, I really mean WE. I was at home on my lunch break when I got the call saying we weren't pregnant. I had completely lost it on the phone with  the nurse. We were just so sure it was going to be THE month...we had spent double the amount on medicine this month because of an increased dosage--hoping to trigger more follicles to grow. Not to mention that I was super extra HAPPY about having to poke myself every day for TEN DAYS STRAIGHT with crazy hormone juice.
Then I had to do the part that I HATE THE WORST. Even more than finding out the bad news myself...I had to call an tell Jace. He was at work. As soon as he answered the phone (he was eagerly waiting for my phone call) I burst into tears hearing his voice. He burst into tears too. He wanted me to call work and tell them I couldn't go back in. He wanted to take the rest of the day off and come and be with me. I told him that that was silly. He needed to stay at work...and I had to go back (I was the only one in the office that day). He reluctantly agreed. Jace ended up having to take a few minutes to get his emotions back in check out in our car. I then had to call my mom--she had been waiting to hear as well. I told her...started blubbering again...and told her that I had to go. I had to get myself cleaned up to go back in to work.
All of the other girls in the office were gone that day. The only other person was my boss, Brian. He doesn't pry too much...and hes a guy. So when I came back from lunch with no make up on, red puffy eyes, sniffling, my voice sounding weird, and me not talking at all...he didn't even blink an eye. In a way, it was super nice. I could just deal with it on my own without having to talk about it.
The next few days were hard. We were just so shocked by the news that we didn't really know what to do. I went off my progesterone cream and started my period back up. In conjunction with that, I had made an appointment to see my doctor and find out what the heck was going on.
Unfortunately, I had to go to that appointment alone :(
When I talked with him, he said I was now at the 50/50 range. Every month it would be a 50/50 shot that I would get pregnant. My percentages would not increase or decrease with what I was doing. However, there could be other factors affecting things that we don't know about. Like, if I'm growing mature follicles, but the eggs inside those mature follicles are immature. I asked if there was any way to tell...and fortunately there is, but only one, and unfortunately that is to do a round of IVF.
(Let me do a side note here and mention that before we actually started fertility treatments both of us were firmly against IVF--it was so expensive with no guarantee that we'd get pregnant and be able to carry the pregnancy full term. ((my cousin did IVF twice and she got pregnant both times, but was unable to carry the babies past 1 month)) We were nervous about the idea...and in the back of my head I just never dreamed it would go that far that we would need to think about IVF or adoption as our options.)
When Jace came home that day...I discussed what the Doctor had told me...however, my feelings have changed toward IVF...I still think its a crap shoot...and its so much more money on TOP of what we have already spent (because of course, insurance doesn't cover any of it)...but i want to be able to carry my own child. I want half of me, and half of Jace. I want it. So badly.
I let him know that...and it threw him that I changed my position on IVF and at first he basically shot the idea down...which broke my heart.
We both finally agreed that we'd take a month off of fertility (the hormones, the iui's, the blood tests) to pray and fast about what we should do. My doctor had me go on birth control (something i don't need obviously, but in case we decided to do IVF that's what they have you do).
...'s to taking a break and figuring things out.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Good for the soul

A good book.

Receiving a package in the mail from your grandparents...just letting you know that they love and miss you.

A chocolate candy bar in my desk drawer...left for me in case I had a bad day by a great friend/co-worker.

Helping my brother out last minute.

Having more "culinary" skills than I thought and whipping up some yummy dinners.

Some of the kids I work with giving me a big hug because they havent seen me for awhile...and then having them present you with pictures they colored just for you.

A doctor's office where they feel my pain/sadness and have hope!

Another doctors office that got my husband in THAT day to help him with his pain.

Have a good job...even if I complain about it sometimes. (okay...alot lately)


The end. Happy Weekend Everybody!
Also, dont forget to check out for "This is how I feel..." I particularly relate to the first gif.

Monotony and a Moral

Some days are just full of monotony.

Lately that seems to be our lot.

However this last weekend we were FINALLY able to get away for 3 days up to my family's ranch.
We spent our time loving the cooler-than-home-weather, but wishing it was even cooler!! We came up to the mountains and somehow the rain decided to stop--so lame!!

But the weekend was full of Jace playing his guitar, me giving 4 haircuts and a color, a little NCIS watching, a trip to the Snowflake temple (and me accidentally driving over a snake :( ), hammock laying, celebrating my brother's 35th birthday,and going into town for dilly bars. 
It was a must people.

Then this week at work...started out lame and full of monotony again. Until I accidentally erased all my spreadsheets :/ and then yesterday Jace went in to the doctor and the doctor thinks he has appendicitis. He goes in for an ultrasound today.

Moral of the story: be careful when you say you are bored and wish something would happen. 

Also, why do we even have an appendix? 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

that one time when...

does anyone remember that one time when the nurse from the fertility center called me and told me that i wasnt pregnant the day before my birthday and 2 days before fathers day?

does anyone remember my REACTION to that news?

oh no?

instant. sobbing. hot mess. couldnt breathe. snorting. and apologizing to the nurse. yeah.

does anyone remember what happened next? i had to go back to work for 4 hours.

fantastic. {sarcasm}