Friday, September 20, 2013

FRIDAY!!! can i get an amen?

oh my goodness. this work week is almost over...FINALLY! its been a long one.

inspired today by Ashley @ littlemissmomma ...

Making : My first ever Chalk Board!
Cooking : Baking actually. When i get home i am baking banana bread!
Drinking : Water...trying to be better!
Reading: Freefall
Wanting: Cooler weather to be here.
Looking: Dreaming of when we'll own a house and thereby can get a dog :)
Playing: With paint!
Wasting: Time on Pinterest. Obviously. and the lettuce i accidentally left out for 2 days :(
Sewing: nothing. i'm pathetic!
Wishing: We were on vacation and I didnt need to be in a full time office job.
Enjoying: A cool AC in my office and an amazingly comfy pair of jeans.
Waiting: For  Oct. 1st, Oct. 15th, and Oct. 16th. Insanity.
Liking: Peanut Butter and Celery...or Peanut Butter and Green Apples. delicious.
Wondering: ...just wondering.
Loving: NCIS, Castle, New Girl, and the Office. (Rewatching Office right now...and just finished NCIS season 10)
Hoping: For a precious little miracle!!!
Marveling: At the love and patience my Father in Heaven has for me!
Needing: A girls night. Good thing next Saturday i get to spend it with my momma!
Smelling: my sugar lemon fizz hand sanitizer!
Wearing: leopard shirt, comfy jeans, and red suede flats. boom.
Noticing: That I’m growing up--and leaving more up to the Lord.
Thinking: About what needs to get done.
Knowing: That the list I have on my whiteboard will never ever be "done"...
Focusing: On kind words, friends who reach out, sweet stories of faith and reminding myself to live for today.
Bookmarking: Fall projects, Christmas deorating tips and favorite new quotes for my quote wall.
Opening: A granola bar from my office drawer.
Feeling:  Hopeful.

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