Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I feel like i've done A LOT of complaining on this poor old blog as of late.
Some of you may have noticed that I changed the "title" of it from "The Hunts" to "Blessed" a few months back.
And that is because, I am, in all actuallity, VERY VERY BLESSED in my life.
I have a wonderful, loving, caring, supportive husband.
I have a great family who is always there when I need someone.
I have a good job, at decent pay, and very nice co-workers.
I have 2 working cars. (even though one of them is literally being held together by duct tape...)
I have a comfortable apartment with plenty of room that really does feel like a home.
I have wonderful ladies in my church who care about me and ask how I'm doing.
I have great callings in my church as well...that are hard and scary and push me to be better.
I have people who reach out to me through this blog...that I havent seen in so long, or some EVER. They encourage me. They give me some of their faith when I feel like mine may be lacking.
I have good health.
I have a doctor and his staff who are hopeful and helpful.
I have a loving Heavenly Father and elder Brother.
I have SO MUCH to be grateful for...and I know personally it is hard to see all the good through the muck of everyday life and hard trials.
 But wow. I am so blessed. I really am.

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