Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A friend

Through some very interesting circumstances, I have made a very dear friend.
Her husband and his group sang at Time Out for Women last year, and somehow I found his wife's blog.
I think that this family is AMAZING. They have beautiful children, and have gone through struggles and trials that I myself, can not imagine.
Her blog is about her daily miracles.
And it strengthens me. Every day.
She has been such a strength from afar (they are in Florida now) and I've never even met her!! She has shared her testimony with me, she has reached out to me when I have felt my worst.
She had a cancer scare this last week and found out today that she is cancer FREE.
I cant stop smiling/crying. I love this dear woman very much. Even though we havent met, or heard one another's voices, I have made a dear, dear friend. And I am so very grateful that she is healthy.
Sure love you Rachel!! (Daily Miracles)

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