Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rare day

I've commented before how rare it is that Jace and I have the same day off.

Since I started at ITC I have Saturday's off.

Jace, at the bank, gets a random day of the week off.

Lately its been such a bummer with our new schedules we dont see much of each other.
(I go to work before him most days, and then he doesnt get home till 730 or 8 at night. We eat dinner, then i promptly fall asleep by 930.)

So. When i realized that TODAY we both have off I got super excited. I had this whole list planned. Jace had other plans (sleeping in was his main focus of course). Hahaha, so now at 10:40 AM he is FINALLY AWAKE and maybe we can start attacking my list.

However, I'm sure its going to be a fun day regardless. :)

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