Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hair specials

Hey everyone,
So, I've taken a bit of a break from doing hair in the last 6 months since i havent felt very good
and i started a new full time job.
However, i'm realizing that i miss it!
I would like to start getting back into a bit, and so starting Oct. through Dec.
I am offering the following specials:

Updos!!!--regularly $40 for half up/half down, and $50 for completely up--SPECIAL $30 either!!

Women--regularly $20--SPECIAL $10
Men--regularly $15--SPECIAL $10
Children--(trims/buzz cuts)--regularly $10--SPECIAL $5

Full Color--regularly $50-70--SPECIAL $40

Partial--regularly $35--SPECIAL $30
Full--regularly $55-75--SPECIAL $45-60

30 minute pedicure--regularly $20--SPECIAL $15
45 minute pedicure--regularly $25--SPECIAL $20

Now, at the moment my time is limited to Tuesday-Friday evenings (after 6), and Saturdays.
All services are done out of my home in a relaxed environment. Please feel free to contact me via blog, email (, or by phone (text is fine as well) #480-296-9693.
The holiday's are coming everyone!! Lets get ready and look our best for them!!


  1. Hello!! My name is Melisa. I went to Westwood graduated '07. I have been reading your blog for quite a while. I want you to know that I pray for you and think your wonderful. I saw your specials and got way excited!! I have been wanting to get my hair done, but haven't wanted to spend a ton of money. I like to go to the beauty schools since they are priced nice but I have a young baby that I need to breastfeed and cant leave home.. would I be able to bring her to get my hair done? I got my hair colored a darker auburn about 3 months ago but want to go more of a darker golden blonde which is my natural color.. So maybe highlights? Let me know what you think and we can set something up. I will send you my number in a message on facebook :] Thanks.


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