Friday, September 6, 2013

Monotony and a Moral

Some days are just full of monotony.

Lately that seems to be our lot.

However this last weekend we were FINALLY able to get away for 3 days up to my family's ranch.
We spent our time loving the cooler-than-home-weather, but wishing it was even cooler!! We came up to the mountains and somehow the rain decided to stop--so lame!!

But the weekend was full of Jace playing his guitar, me giving 4 haircuts and a color, a little NCIS watching, a trip to the Snowflake temple (and me accidentally driving over a snake :( ), hammock laying, celebrating my brother's 35th birthday,and going into town for dilly bars. 
It was a must people.

Then this week at work...started out lame and full of monotony again. Until I accidentally erased all my spreadsheets :/ and then yesterday Jace went in to the doctor and the doctor thinks he has appendicitis. He goes in for an ultrasound today.

Moral of the story: be careful when you say you are bored and wish something would happen. 

Also, why do we even have an appendix? 

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