Friday, September 6, 2013

Good for the soul

A good book.

Receiving a package in the mail from your grandparents...just letting you know that they love and miss you.

A chocolate candy bar in my desk drawer...left for me in case I had a bad day by a great friend/co-worker.

Helping my brother out last minute.

Having more "culinary" skills than I thought and whipping up some yummy dinners.

Some of the kids I work with giving me a big hug because they havent seen me for awhile...and then having them present you with pictures they colored just for you.

A doctor's office where they feel my pain/sadness and have hope!

Another doctors office that got my husband in THAT day to help him with his pain.

Have a good job...even if I complain about it sometimes. (okay...alot lately)


The end. Happy Weekend Everybody!
Also, dont forget to check out for "This is how I feel..." I particularly relate to the first gif.

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