Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Musings...

a random collection of thoughts currently going through my mind:

  • i'm having a good hair day...and its wasted sitting here in an empty office.
  • dang did i end up being 1 of the 2 people who showed up for work out of 5?
  • i've been trying to eat better, but i'm getting bored of the same old things.
  • happy birthday to my SIL jamie @Godzillapete! hope you are enjoying your kid-free day!
  • i seriously am envious of everyone who is getting to enjoy the low 70's weather in the valley right now :( boo on having to work!
  • i seriously am ready for this month to be over. next month we have a TON going on.
  • my brother is going to have brain surgery on the 1st...thats really scary :/
  • my baby brother then is going to leave for 2 years, 2 weeks after our big brother's surgery.
  • our 4 year anniversary is the day before my baby brother while we normally go up to our cabin for a long weekend--we wont be going anywhere this year :( we have absolutely no idea what to do for our anniversary now.
  • the shoes i am wearing STINK! i need to figure out how to fix the stinky-ness.
  • i am now decorated for fall/halloween. i say that its okay since its now technically "fall".
  • i keep re-organizing my house...and its driving me crazy because its never ending!!
  • i did NOT drink enough water do you make sure you drink enough during the day? i need suggestions.
  • the end.


  1. i'm the worst about drinking water! but i learned this little trick that helps me (when i remember to even take a drink!) everytime you take a drink, make yourself keep it to your lips until you've taken 10 full gulps instead of just one. you drain the bottle a lot faster, and it's not that hard if you just do it all at once. good luck!

  2. force yourself to keep the bottle/cup to your lips until you've taken 10 full gulps instead of the regular 1. i'm the worst at drinking water but this tip has helped me get more down.


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